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environmental protection:Original title: The prison “Changke” is the true heteny, and the publicity call “” public prosecutors read the prosecution site as the director of the village committee-•▪, using the position of the position▪■○●, not to meet the village two committees, allow others to pour the slag in the collective On the land★•◆○, and the cost of the village committee should be privately invaded. On July 31, the Procuratorate of Hanting District in Weifang City○•▼, Shandong Province filed a public prosecution in accordance with the crime of suspected duties. Currently, the case is under court trial. The village two committees have become a place since 2011, and the director of the village committee has been 7 years☆▲. But the old qualifications of the village▽●•…, but the former science=☆-, there is no “idle” since 1991▽■•△, it is the ▽◆”frequent visitor•◇” of prison●■◁: In 1991, theft is sentenced to five years in prison; 1996 End of extorti.

Old, I also want to “healthily go to the old=▼•□” Author: News reporter Zou Xiaojing [Chat Health] According to the relevant standards of aging of the United Nations, the old man over the age of 60 reached 10% of the total population, or the 65-year-old man accounts for the total population. 7%, the region is deemed to enter “aging society”○-☆▲; the proportion of population over 65 years old accounts for more than 14%, then enter △○”old society”◁△▷▷; ratio of 20%, enter “super old society”. Zheng Xiaoyang=▼◇▼, a Professor of Boya▲-□, Peking University, and Zheng Xiaoyang◇-☆, academician of the developing Council…□…, believes that in accordance with the standard, China has begun to enter the aging society since 1999•▲, and the aging speed is gradually accelerated. As my countrys population aging process is constantly accelerati.

Original title=★•: Fu Zhenghua, the Ministry of Justice, deputy secretary of the party group, Yuan Yugang, Nice Party Secretary, Deputy Minister Recently, the official website of the Justice Department, “Department of Leadership” Secretary of the Party Group, the Party Secretary and Deputy Director of the Legal Office of the State Council, Yuan Yugi, have been a party secretary○-■●, deputy director. Previously◇▽=•, the Ministry of Justice and the Party Secretary were held by Zhang Jun. On March 18, Zhang Jun has been elected as the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate. Recently, the CPC Central Committee issued the □▲▷”Deepening Party and National Institutional Reform Plan◆▪◇”, integrates the responsibilities of the Ministry of Justice and the Legal Office of the State Council, and re-establishes the Ministry of Justice, as a department of the State Council. No longer retain the State Council Legal Office◁●•. According to the official website of the Judicial Department, the ●◇●”Department of Leadership.

Original title: National Peoples Congress representative Cao Shan▷•○: Use legal means to fight the ratio box office to make Cao Shuifan visual Chinese data diagram for the current spending money to buy click, the hustle and fake●☆★, the box office is more intensified, the National Peoples Congress, Shanghai Radio and TV Station, Shanghai Cultural Broadcasting Cao Shuofei, the host of the Dongfang Satellite TV Center, said that the data is unscrupulous△▷, and the data is seriously affected☆▽▼, and the cultural ecology must be severely blown through the judicial means, form a shock, purify the visual cultural environment. Cao Shuifan proposed that the era of big data◇○◆, the judgment of a cultural work▽-•○, not only the subjective feelings needed, but also rely on data. However, data fake seriously affects cultural ecology•□…●. False box office, false click quantity, false ratings, etc., these data based on fake basi▲☆●! green fabricseaqual textile – china seaqual fabric corporate wear upcycled textile,