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textile:China New Network on May 27th According to South Korea International Broadcasting Station (KBS) on the 27th…▽□▲, Japan refused the South Korean government on the revision of the Map of the Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games▪■△•. The report pointed out that Japan suspected “Delin Island” on the official website map (Japan and South Korea, the Japanese “Bamboo Island△◁○☆”) is labeled as Japan△▪. Data Map▽•◆: On March 25-▪…=, local time, the Tokyo Olympic Games ignited◁▲••. According to reports, the holy fire of the Tokyo Olympic Games official website is located in Japan Island County▷•…. It is the location of Japan and South Korea controversial island, which is marked with a small point○▷, which makes it seems to be the Japanese territory. The Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately requested Japan to revise, and Koreas Korean Sports Association also reported to the Japan Olympic Committe?

Yangzi Evening News, March 4, before the Spring Festival, Beijing City canceled a paper ruled that many blood diseases and hospitals were in an anxiety who was looking for blood during the Spring Festival△◆★▪. Wu Depei, member of the National Committee of China…▲■, the Department of Blood Division▽-★, the First Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University☆=▷◁, is closely concerned about this incident, and he suggested this two sessions: establish a national blood source distribution library to deal with blood source gap. Ischemic 尴尬 Cancel •■•◁”mutual aid blood donation-■★” Beijing existence of blood source gap “Beijing has stopped mutual blood donation○★-, which caused a lot of repercussions in patients and doctors▼□◁△. According to the survey, Beijing Some major hospitals The proportion of platelet mutual blood donation is as high as 80%. After the broken is, the Spring Festival is coincided with a large number of people return home□▼, and the hospital has a fault. “Director Wu Depei told Yangz.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 9 (Reporter Luosha◁-, Gao Jing) National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Law Enforcement Inspection Team on the implementation of the implementation of atmospheric pollution prevention and control law, submitted to the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee meeting•▼, report, ecological environment and other departments It is necessary to develop and publish toxic and harmful atmospheric pollutants before the end of 2018. Report recommendations, speed up the formulation of supporting regulations and standards▽○★○. The sewage permit management regulations were introduced before the end of 2019, and the whole process management and multi-pollutant coordination control of fixed pollution sources were implemented△△◁, and the sewage permit was issued according to the industry, region, and time limit□◆◆. In 2020, the construction of the sewage permit system became the core system of fixed source environment management, and implemented “a certificate” management▽■□. Market supervision and other departments should accelerate the establishment of motor vehicles and non-road mobile mechanical environmental protection recall systems▼…. B◆=.

Original title: Wang Wentao appointed March 26, the second meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress of Heilongjiang Province, Decided on March 26, on March 26, on March 26, on March 26, on March 26th For the Deputy Governors of Heilongjiang Province●★▲◆, the agent governors▪▼▷●. Wang Wentao, Wang Wentao, male☆▼, Han nationality, born in May 1964, Jiangsu Nantong●□△, Fudan University Philosophy Department of Philosophy, University□-…△, Master of Business Administration, Associate Professor. In December 1994, he joined the Communist Party of China and participated in the work in July 1985. He has worked in the Shanghai Aerospace Staff University, and the student department. 1992.06 has served as the Shanghai Aerospace University of Education◇▼, the deputy general manager of the copying machine sales department, the assistant, copying machine△▷▷, president of Shanghai Aerospace Universi•◆?

Original title: The highest inspection: last years 429 minor suspects have been admitted to the University in 2017, the national procuratorial organs adhere to comprehensive protection◁▪□■, comprehensive protection principles, use punishment, prevention, supervision▷▷•▽, education, etc., will protect the tentacles Extended to criminal, civil■▷, administration▲●■◁, etc., maximizing the legitimate rights and interests of minors. For underage suspects▲○★, the procuratorate will always introduce the education of the education and practice●-, generally introduce personality screening and psychological correction measures, according to the specific situation of the minor suspect, formulate a personalized ganglion program, improve the effectiveness of the help of the help▲•▷. With the help of the procuratorate, a large number of underage suspects have to return to society▪▷☆▪. The latest data from the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, 2017 has 429 minor suspects in the count.rpet fabric supplier – tailor made fabric.