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repreve fiber – chinese fabric manufacturs!post consumer recycled polyester:Zhongxin Net Lanzhou May 28 (Shijing) 28th, the Gansu Weinan residents who were waiting in the Gansu Provincial Peoples Hospital Tangfuquan said, =○”This time I have registered, I reserved the expert number, and I can pick the time period.” Before, he went to the provincial meeting to seek medical treatment◁•. From the township•-▼, he went to the nearby hotel near the hospital■△☆, and then went to “row long dragon” registration. Even if so◇△, there is no time to get it. The pain points for the distribution of “one-stop” medical resource distribution is one of the highlights of the northwest cities in Lanzhou=★. After the implementation of new rural cooperative medical policies◇■●…, how to solve the “registered”○▪▽, especially in rural patients, it is Gansu has been explorin.

Shenyang, May 28, China (Li Wei) Civil Affairs Declared on May 19 that the State Council agreed to register and divorce registration and divorce registration of mainland residents in Liaoning Province, Shandong Province◆□•, Guangdong Province●☆■▼, Chongqing, Sichuan Province “Pilot◆•, in Jiangsu Province, Henan Province, Hubei Province, Wuhan City, Xian, Shaanxi Province, to register□▼▪◁” cross-provincial universal “pilot□=▼. As one of the pilot provinces, Liaoning Province, the provincial government attaches great importance to the pilot work of the domestic residential marriage registration “cross-provincial unite”, incorporating the 1921st government performance evaluation scope. The Provincial Civil Affairs Department actively in accordance with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the provincial government requirements, measures, and earnestly do a good job in the pilot work of “cross-provincial unite” in Liaoning Province.▲▲.

Original title•◁▼●: A group of data: Tear the native mask of the United States, a ▲…△”big plan” floating the surface ■☆-… The US Trump government announced that the taxation of Chinas trade is in order to protect national security and solve intellectual property issues. Listening to the reason ▼▪”just”, however, is the truth? CCTV North American Reporter Wang Guans observation ↓ Reute the “national security” mask■-. The US Trump Government announced that the tax payment of Chinas trade was announced★…◁, ☆▼”This is to protect US national security and solve intellectual property issues.” This Trump governments trade warfare mainly has two wheel offensive▽▷○, which can be simply from 232 and 301. The former is Trump invoked the US “1962 Trade Expansion Law” 232 to endanger the national security as steel from Chin.

Original title: China-US comprehensive economic dialogue is interrupted? Ministry of Commerce: I think there is no interruption□△, but also continue to talk about [Global Network Comprehensive Report] The 13th National Peoples Congress●△, a meeting of Meeting News Center held a press conference at the Center Multi-function Hall of Madia (Sunday) 10p, Invitation The Minister of Commerce, the deputy director of the Minister of Commerce▷▽▼, and the deputy director of the International Trade Negotiation, the deputy director of the “Promoting the Formation of the New Pattern to promote the high quality development of business career” and answer questions◁=■◆. The following is a reporter meeting part: Bloomberg reporter▪…◆-: The first question, we all note that there are some varies of China-US trade relations, I want to ask the Minister, what kind of plan is there in China to reduce the scale between China and the United States Pretty huge trade surplus•▲☆=, this year, is there a?

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