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yarn:Original title: Hebei Tang responded “Transportation Bureau law enforcement vehicle illegal”: The relevant responsible person has been suspended “Hebei A transportation Bureau multiple law enforcement vehicles involved in the media▪•”, Hebei Province, Tang Tang County Committee On the 21st, the relevant responsible person has been suspended-◁▽. On the 21st•▷, there was media report that many roads and transportation management law enforcement vehicles were missing vehicles in the traffic departments in Hebei Province. In response to this, the propaganda department of the Tang Tang County Committee of Hebei Province said that in the chaos of the Tang County transportation department system, it involved missed inspection, and the scrapped vehicles have been investigated by the county public security traffic department according to law. At the same time, the relevant responsible persons of the Tang County Road Administration Station and the Transport Management Station involved in this matter have been suspended-△■▪. Editor in charge▼▷: Huo !

Original title○☆: Overseighing the supervisory committee of all public officials, who will supervise? From the “one house two hospitals…•▽” to “a family of two hospitals”, they were piloted by Beijing Jin Zhejiang three pilots, and the National Supervision Committee is expected to uncover the last veil. On the morning of March 5■△▲, the 13th National Peoples Congress opened a meeting. At the “Minister Channel” after the meeting, asked the discipline committee as the dominant, “The Act” phenomenon☆▼○◇, Yang Xiaodu◆☆▽, the minister of the supervision, said that the duties of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Commission are complementary, and they have enhanced Role, but it cannot be replaced with each other◆△-▼. What kind of organ is the supervisory committee? Who is leading? Who is supervised? What is the relationship between the peoples Congress? The answer is in the video, click to enter the special responsibility: Zhang ?

China New Network Beijing May 28th (Guo Chaokai) In the United States, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said in the routine reporter on the 28th that the relevant bills competed, and the so-called China threat and malicious effects were rendered. , Dont have to be heart, this is also the general wishes of the two countries and the people of the people in China and the United States; China is resolutely opposed. According to reports, the US Senate has recently been in favor of 68 votes, and ending the results of •△•”2021 US Innovation and Competition Act●☆☆” (U.innovation and Competition Act Of 2021) to promote the la.

Promote the construction of ecological civilization, the new level – the National Ecological Environment Protection Conference released the 19th National Ecological Environment Protection Conference on the 19th, the National Ecological Environment Protection Conference on Strengthening the Ecological Environment▪△◇, and the Pollution Prevention and Control Battle is deployed, mobilize the whole partys whole society Hand, promote the construction of my countrys ecological civilization, take the new level. What new information is passed this important meeting■▷, how to advance the beautiful China in the future, Xinhua News Agency reporter requested experts and the person in charge of the relevant departments to interpret. Six principles: Indicate the new era to promote the construction of the Ecological Civilization in the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping, pointed out that the new era promotes the construction of ecological civilization●…☆■, and must adhere to the following principles. First, persists who have harmonious and natural harmony, insist on saving priority▷-, protecting priority•••, natural recovery, like protecting ey bci cotton seaqual mattress corporate wear!environmental goal – ecologicfabric.