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recycled ocean plastic waste:Original title: US media said that Chinas air pollution speed is twice the UK: learn the lesson to formulate appropriate policy reference news network May 27th reported that the US Environmental Association website published the author Thomas Sterkes article on May 17, entitled ●▼☆△” How does China govern air pollution at the speed of the British in the era of industrialization△◇=•? The article said that this winter has just passed in the China Environmental Protection Department – now renamed the Ecological Environment Department – On the occasion of the three-year new planning of the air quality, Beijing witnessed the lowest day of air pollution■★. Although the trend is welcome★▪◆, Chinas air pollution level is still very serious: According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection△▷△, the concentration of Chinas urban annual PM2.5 in 2017 is 43 micrograms / cubic meters▪●, which is a World Health Organization proposal 10 microgra.

Original title△▼☆=: my country original gravitational wave detection in five years, the results Technology Daily Beijing March 4 (Reporter Zhang Garlun) The highest level of original gravity wave observatory in my country is building in China. Once built, it will become a strong comrades of the human pursuit gravity wave▼•▽. On the 4th◇▼, Zhang Xinmin, a member of the National Committee of China and the National Institute of China△◆▷•, and Zhang Xinmin, a researcher, told the Science and Technology Daily, and the project progressed smoothly, and the first phase of observing the main project has been basically completed. “I have given promise before, three years, five years, result.” Zhang Xinmin is the original gravitational wave detection plan is the chief scientist of “Ali Plan”☆○. What he said, it refers to the best Tianchao=…, which is the best skyline of the Northern Universe Microwave Background, Radiation Polar, Northern District, 202!

Original title: Ni E-Jingjing Committee is augmentive for students to reduce the drug recuperation◁=◆★: in developed regions to carry out school reforms, vocational education to the college entrance examination summary: This practice will greatly relieve the pressure of primary and junior high school. “In the case of the fact that the students course burden in the basic education stage,” starting from primary school to higher education•▪==, forming a reasonable burden gradient□☆▪☆, to high school and universities, especially excellent high school students and college students should be very heavy, this is talented “The responsibility and ability is reflected…◁◆=.-▼◁□” “The problem of reducing the multi-course of students△○◆, not technical issues, but the problem of value judgment.” Ni Fuview, deputy director of the National Committee of China, said that it is just like a fever is just like a condition, Students lessons are only a surface phenomenon▷•-, not a real education problem. Lesson burd? automotive textile manufacturersrepreve fabric eco-friendly product seaqual material,