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home furnishings:Original title: The National Standards Committee and other three departments have issued opinions to help accurately poverty alleviation economic daily. Beijing May 25th reporter Guo Jingyuan learned from the National Standard Committee that the National Standards Committee▼-, the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office “The Guidance of Conducting Standardization Work to Help Poverty Alleviation”•■▼. “Guidance◇▪-” clarifies 6 job tasks: First▲•★▲, promote the establishment of a diversified precision povertress alleviation system▪•. The second is to promote the construction of agricultural standardization demonstration zones in poor areas. The experience and model of national agricultural standardization demonstration zone will be reproduced in poverty-stricken areas▽=. The third is to promote the beautiful rural construction in poor areas▪▪. Create a beautiful rural brand to promote standardization and institutionalization of beautiful rural construction in poor areas. The fourth is to promote the organic product certification of poverty-stricken areas★▼★○. Vigorously develop the organic area of ​​pover.

Original title▼=▲: Ministry of Commerce●…◆▪: The United States opens a bad precedent▼◆●◇, and finally hurts the well-being of the American people to open a very bad precedent. According to the Ministry of Commerce on March 29, on March 29●•-, the Ministry of Commerce held a routine press conference…▷◆. Reporter Question: I would like to ask the US President Trump, which was previously announced on the total investment of 60 billion US dollars in China, and restricted Chinese companies to invest in the United States▼•. Once the initiative is implemented, how to produce China and the United States-•☆▷, how to produce China and the United States Impact▼■-? The peak of the Ministry of Commerces spokesperson responded: I want to say a group of numbers first. In 2017, Chinas foreign trade goods trade has exceeded 4.1 trillion US dollars, including more than 580 billion US dollars to the US cargo import and export, accounting for 14●▼.1% of my countrys total foreign trade; Chinas foreign non-go?

Xinhua News Agency Qingdao June 10, China State Council▽▼◁▽, Diplomatic Minister Wang Yi◆△▲▷, was interviewed in Qingdao on Qingdao on the 10th, introducing Shanghai Cooperatives to Qingdao Summit Results. The full text is as follows: 1. Ask★•: Chinas hosted Shanghai Cooperative Summit, at the same time■▲◆★, this is also the first summit of Shanghai cooperative organizations, and the international community is highly concerned. How do you view the characteristics and meaning of this summit? A: Compared with the previous conference, the Qingdao Summit can be described as the largest, the highest level, the highest results, created a series of records▷▼□•. This time…▷▪◆, the first time held after the first time. Shanghe Organization has 8 Member States, 4 observers○☆, 6 dialogue partners▪■, the economy and population account for 20% and more than 40%, respectively▷☆□, and become the most widely used worldwi.

China International Broadcasting Station and International Online Reporter: Prime Minister Li Keqiang mentioned in the first two days of “Government Work Report=■”, five years, our country has made decisive progress○◆▲□, of which Li Keqiang specially mentioned a number, here In the process, we achieved more than 8 million people○△◁=, and the relocation, which can be said to be one of the effective means of reducing the incidence of poverty in our country●☆=▲. Director Liu Yongfu▽••, how to degrade costs in the process of poverty alleviation◁●-▽, how to balance the problem in subsequent support and preventing regeneration? Thank you. Liu Yongfu: This problem is very important. Everyone is very concerned, I see that the Director of the National Development and Reform Commission has also mentioned this issue yesterday, and of course I will still continue to answer this question○△-•. It is ve.recycled cotton – recycled PET fabric supplier eco-friendly product,