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headliner upholstery:Original title•◆: The second batch of central environmental inspections 7 provinces, a total of 1048 people in the provincial level 3 people Beijing News (Reporter Deng Qi Intern Yu Huun) Today, the Ecological Environment Department announced the second batch of central environmental inspections 7 provinces ( City) Public transfer case accountability shows that 7 provinces (cities) accountable 1048 accountability▷■▪, including 3 provincial and ministerial cadres. According to the Ecological Environment, the second batch of 7 central environmental protection inspectors launched environmental protection inspections from Beijing, Shanghai◁◇▲, Hubei, Guangdong▪◁, Chongqing, Shaanxi, Gansu, etc. from November to December 2016. In April 2017, he completed the inspector and feedback. Synchronous handover 91 ecological environmental damage responsibility investigation, requiring place to further verify the situation-•★▲, serious accountability. From the case of accountability△◁▼, 7 provinces (city) accountable.

Original title: Fujian Quanzhou□◁…: Public officials operate wedding and funeral for ban super 15 tables, wreaths for more than 100 yuan cover news reporter Mei Mingkang on March 12…=…■, cover journalist learned from the official website of Quanzhou Municipal Government, Fujian Province, recently▼□, Quanzhou Municipal Committee□•, The municipal government issued a “Notice” (hereinafter referred to as “Notice★-▼▷”), requiring Quanzhou party members, public officials in the handling of wedding and funeral, strict “red line”, revolutionary habits, promotion★▼, marry banquet ban 15 Table, non-relatives gift gift, WeChat red envelope☆◇, this unit of cadre workers (including retired) and their straight relatives have died, personal delivery wreath is banned from 100 yuan. The “Notice▲=◁◆” is clear●•, and the derived marriage and funeral is referring to the part.

China News Agency Jakarta on May 27 (Reporter Lin Yongchuan) The Indonesian Jakarta Court sentenced to violate the epidemic prevention, the country▪◆◇★, which has been announced to illegally organized the “Islamic Defender Front◆★▼” (FPI) leader and The spirit leader Rizieq is 8 months in prison. On November 10 last year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic was raging in Indonesia, and Riqiji returned to Indonesia after three years of exile. Saudi Arabia. It arrived in Jakarta International Airport, tens of thousands of supporters flocked to the airport, causing highways from the airport and the airport arrival hall•★★, and dozens of flight delays or forced cancellation. Many gathering people do not wear mas.textile company!

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