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environment protection:Original title: “Xu Yuyu case▷▲△” entered the highest method of work reports for a summary of fraud, 11◆▪•,000 pieces, March 9th, 13th National Peoples Congress held a second plenary meeting in Beijing Great Hall, the Supreme Peoples Court Work report by the Supreme Peoples Court. China Youth Daily · Zhongqing Online Reporter Zhao Qing / Xia Yong Online Beijing March 9th (China Youth Daily · Zhongqing Online Reporter Hu Chunyan Wang Yunjun) Supreme Peoples Court Dean Zhou Qiang is in the 13th National Peoples Congress When the Supreme Peoples Courts work report said that in the past five years, resolutely crack down on telecommunications network fraud crimes◁◆, and will be issued with the Ministry of Public Security and other departments to apply legal opinions, and the case of Xu Yuyu is 11,000 pieces of fraud•▷•☆. The judicial explanation of violations of personal information cases in violation of citizens, severely punish the disclosure of person.

Original title○▲☆•: Leading cadres should be in the election of Germany, Li Yongsheng, Comrade Xi Jinping, emphasized that -▷”leading cadres should be asked”, and profoundly clarify the importance of “leading cadres” , Practical path of Juanzhi. This important discussion is rich in connotation, profound thinking▪◆▪, strong targeted and guiding▽●. In the new era…★, leading cadres should show new meteorological changes◆▷▲. To do “Iron Iron must be self-hard”, must speak political and Germany. As the saying goes□-◆, the country is not rich, people are no longer◇•–, and the official is not rich. From the perspective of politics…◁●, polite is a comprehensive manifestation of political quality=□, moral product line, and thinking style. The ancients said◁▷◇: ○●◆”For the politics▼▼, such as Beichen-◁, the stars are all in the mortar.” Leading cadres and morality can be divided into morali▼◆-◁.

Zhongxin Net Fuzhou May 27th (Zheng Jiangluo) Fuzhou Deputy Mayor Lin Zhiliang held in Fuzhou held in Fuzhou▪◆■, China (Fuzhou) International Fisheries Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Fishing Expo”) will be 6 Month is held in Fuzhou 3 to 5. It is understood that the exhibition is 46,000 square meters, and the content covers the entire fishery aquatic industry and the surrounding industry chain△▪. At that time, more than 50 merchants▪…▪●, a group of 16,000, professional buyers will come to the fair, and the contract amount is expected to exceed 220. 100 million yuan▼▪■★. The Fishing Expo has developed into well-known professional brand fisheries exhibitions at home and abroad△□, hosted with the China Food Industry Expo, setting the seafood ingredients, oce•△■.marine litter 300D RPET fabric dobby jacquard on two sides recycled fabric patchwork denim fabric,