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econyl fabric – oceanworks.textile Industry:Original title▽=▷▲: 8 years, fined 4.69 billion, the United States threatened the source of illegal drug companies=◁○○: Zhongxin-….com Time drug safety problem☆●▼. That is the end of the 19th century, the United States is in the era of rapid development of industrialization. Under the indulgence of the stimulation and law of profits, pharmaceutics incorporate thousands of drugs into invalid or even toxic substances, and patients do not have safety▽▲. Before the Second World War, the United Statess food and drugs appeared in European Europeans, which is the synonym of counterfeit and shoddy products. Until 1906, the US government promulgated the ★☆◆△”Pure Food Pharmaceutical Act”=○◆, which is the first national decree to protect consumer rights in the United State●▲….

Original title: China and the United States “trade war◁▷”, do not fight◇▷●▷? The United States is $ 60 billion to China, and China is 3 billion US dollars☆•…▼, Chinas ackning attack=▪▷-, is it soft? The National Social Security Fund Council Chairman, the first financial minister, Li Wei, Li Wei: I definitely play soybeans, then play the car◁•-•, then play the plane. High-speed rail equipment, information technology, new energy, robot, why is the United States to express Chinas high-tech? Chen Welfare, Director of the Ministry of Commerce▽•▲◁: In fact, our 301 investigation of the United States has been fully prepared. In the past★■, the US 301 investigation initiated by the United States had 5 times, and every time I negotiated, then this time? “News 1 + 1″ Bai Yansong◁-■○, invite Zhu Min tonight to interpret you…○: China and the United States ◆◁▪■”trade war”, enter the four★▷▷▪.

Original title: Monitoring system reform avoids “The Assignment Supervision” System Anti-corruprs and Discipline Inspection and Monitoring Practice Experts Li Yongzhong Accepted the Beijing News Yesterday□▪-, the 13th National Peoples Congress has passed the “Peoples Republic of China Supervision Law•=□”, establishing the National Monitoring Committee◇▲. The highest monitoring authority. This marks that my country has taken an important step towards the establishment of centralized unity, and the authority and efficient national monitoring system has taken an important step, and it will truly implement the monitoring full coverage▷□◇, and supervise without dead angles◇▽. Li Yongzhong, institutional anti-corrupter and discipline inspection and supervision▲◇▼•, said that the national monitoring system reform not only integrates the power and supervision of resources, but more importantly, the supervision rights become an independent of the executive power■▼▼◁, and for the past supervision rights belong to the administration Such an unscientific power structure is broken down, making the same body to become a forei=-▼.