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Seaqual fiber:Original title: The Ministry of Human Social Strong issued the resident pension◁=◆, 65 years old•■-●, the old-age inspector will enjoy the policy to incline the Beijing News News (Reporter Wu Xi) On March 29, the Ministry of Human and Social Security announced the recent joint issuance of the Ministry of Finance. Guidance on the establishment of the basic endowment insurance treatment of urban and rural residents and the normal adjustment mechanism of basic pensions. In terms of “perfect treatment determination mechanism○▲◁”, the document is clearly suggested-▽○○, and the 65-year-old and above is appropriately tilted. For the basic endowment insurance of urban and rural residents◆▲★▼, this opinion is clear▷▲, and its treatment is made up of basic pension and personal account pension. The basic pension is determined by the central and local identification standards to meet the qualified insured; the personal account pension is determined by the individual accounts. Central according .

China New Network on May 27th●■○, “India Express” reported on the 26th, the Indian Women and Child Development (WCD) said that from April to this day, 577 children have lost their parents in the second wave of new crown, become an orphan Irai, Minister, Minister of Women and Childrens Development●★▲•, published in the social networking website, saying that from April 1st to May 26th•▪-◇, 2021, the state governments and departments reported 577 children who lost their parents in the past. The Indian government is committed to supporting and protecting each fragile child◆=☆★, and the department has been closely related to the states, working closely with multiple institutions. A source of the department said that if you are in accordance with the data reported by the state, th▽★■○.

China News Network May 27th, the market supervision…◆▪•, the website news★▼, on the afternoon of May 27th, the State Council Food Safety Office, the Market Supervision, the Ministry of Education, etc., the Ministry of Information Remind to strengthen campus food safety work, the two provinces market supervision bureaus, and the Department of Education participates-=■. The meeting pointed out that campus food safety is an important aspect of food safety, and the healthy growth of the next generation of the motherland is related to the happiness of hundreds of millions of families, and the social stability. Recently, Anhui•○▼△, Henan continuous campus food safety incident, exposed the schools food safety work, is not strict, the management responsibility is not implemented, and the supervision department has not fulfilled the proble.

Original title●▪△-: The 4th Olympic champion is the Source of the Provincial Party Committee of the Provincial Party Committee▲▪◇: Changan Street★▽…▼, I found that the Communist Youth League Shanghais 15th representative was closed▼…. The first plenary meeting of the fifteenth committee was then held, and the leadership team of the Municipal Party Committee was elected□◁. In addition to the four team secretary, deputy secretary…▼, the plenary session also elected a deputy secretary and three part-time deputy secretary. Changan Street…▽□, Id•□: CapitalNews, noticed○★, deputy secretary of the Shanghai Sports Bureau, the group committee of the small partners, and Diving Water Olympic champion Wu Minxia, ​​is one of the three part-time deputy secretary. Wu Minxia, ​​from this, Wu Minxia became another sports star that entered the group provincial (city) committee after the “cross-border▼▽” in the Olympic Games△•★▼. Previously, the figure skating winter Olympics, Shen Xue, female royal family Wei Qiuy-▽☆! recycled fabric supplier

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