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sustainable textile companies:Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 Zhou Qiang: In the past five years, the court accountability 1762 in the court leading cadres◁▷, the Beijing News (Reporter Wang Yuji) March 9th, the 13th National Peoples Congress Zhou Qiang, the president of the Supreme Peoples Court, pointed out in the Work Report, in the past five years, the courts at all levels investigate 1011 police officers in violation of the eight provisions of the Central provisions, and the 1762 parsed court leading cadres seriously accountable. Zhou Qiang said that the highest law strictly enforces judicial inspections▷○, trial inspections, and prevents the system of □☆”two provisions” such as “two regulations”, and continuously improve the judicial style▼▪=◁, and strictly prevent the “four winds” and rebound. Strengthen warning education, profoundly learn from the violations of laws and disciplines such as Yan Xiaoming. Adhere to anti-corruption without the penalty area, full cover, zero tolerance, highe▽▷!

Original title: The first active retired Ministry of Defense News spokesperson is now going to be a teacher food wholesalers international concern for environmental protection▷△★-! “The aircraft carrier is not otaku, it is impossible to always be in the military port.” Remember this “Golden Schola” of “National Defense Day”◁●? This sentence comes from the National Defense Regulations for the April 2013●=▷. At the meeting, there were reporters asked the situation of Chinas aircraft carrier far-sea training◆☆◇: “There is report that Liaoning ship will choose the machine, and foreign media speculation may be trained in the sea area of ​​Diaoyu Islands or Okinawa, can you confirm this news■•▽? □☆”At the time◆★…△, the spokesperson gave an unexpected answer:△◇▽☆” As for the next step in the aircraft carrier, there is an old saying in China△-, Haikong, the sky is high, the aircraft carrier is not otaku○•. It is impossible to always pend it in the military port, ▼○★….

Original title India: Prohibition of Dalai in all gatherings in New Delhi Source: Observer Net [Wen / Observer Network Qi Shiwu] India confirmed that the “Tibet” leader has been banned from the 60th anniversary of India in New Delhi. Previously•△▲, the Indian government had issued a notice, requiring the central senior leaders and government staff in India to stay away from relevant activities, and then the Darens two activities in New Delhi announced the cancellation. In the sensitive period of China-Indian relations▪-△•, the Indian authorities alienation of Dalai, showing the intention of Indias hopes to ease and China tension•△●. According to Reuters on March 7, India officials said on Wednesday that India has clearly prohibited Daren Lama in the Sulve Tibetan leadership in New Delhi◁◆, the 60th anniversary of India, with the aim of easeing tight relationships with China. Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Interi.

Original title: Anhui “100 million-in-law-▪●☆”: Huan Chaohu Governance and the agency loan credit is 45.4 billion yuan to bring the comprehensive management of Chaohu, and the overall plan of the Chaohu Comprehensive Green Development▷○□, ◆□”Hefei System” in Hefei City, Anhui Province. Promote building a green development of beautiful nest. To this end, Anhui Banking Regulatory Bureau actively guided various large banks within Hefei in Hefei in the jurisium, and took the initiative to connect the Chaohu Comprehensive Management Project to provide financial support and supporting services for the construction of beautiful Chaohu. It is understood that “hundreds of millions of revenue▼■▲” has been investing more than 10 billion yuan, and the total investment of 10,000 yuan in the first to five issues of the first to five issues of the project has been 58.526 billion yuan, a total of 45.4 billion yuan for all kinds of institutional loans such as national development banks. Credit funds provide effective funding for comprehensive governance of Huanchaohu☆▽. Huan Chaohu governance project has been implement…◇!post-consumer polyester double knit jacquard jccc canvas!