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together for a clean ocean:Original title▼◇: Senior officials who were named with Lu Wei, were batch “enjoy the emperor treatment◇□-▽” Source=◆: Changan Street, I wrote a text North is shooting, I have been on the road. Warning “four winds=△◇” issues, curb privileged ideas, and the party journals are constantly reminding all levels of cadres. Changan Street●▲○▼, IT (WeChat ID▷▲○☆: CapitalNews) noted that two senior officials who were criticized by the latest issue of ○☆◆”China Discipline Inspection Magazine★•★” journalist, have triggered a wide concern when they were investigated. Among them, it is recognized as “central qualitative use of the word most embarrass” – the former deputy minister of the former Central Propaganda Department, Lu Wei, director of the Central Newsletter of China, was frequently entitled to the private club, and the privilege■•▷□, The style is rude, and it is special. Lu Wei (data map) and Lu Wei were named in April 20!

China Xinwang Xiamen May 28 (Reporter Yang Qishan) Currently awarded the first anniversary of the ◁=◆”Civil Code”, a ▼…□”Civil Code=…■■” Social Cognition Investigation Report was published in Xiamen University on the 28th. On the same day, the Legal Communication Research Center of Xiamen University Law School held a “Legal Communication” course media public class, and released the “Civil Code” Social Cognition Investigation Report. This survey was jointly launched by the Legal Communication Research Center of Xiamen University Law School and the Leg University of Law, and Zheng Jinshan□◁◇•, a professor of Xiamen University, led the research team to conduct investigation and analysis. The report shows that 90.79% of the 5114-bit effective sample have heard of the “Civil Code”, the awareness rate is very high, b?

China Xinwang Shijiazhuang May 28 (Zhao Dan Mei) According to the 18th news of the Hebei Provincial Department of Finance, 73 financial enterprises (level 1 and below) of Hebei Province have all completed the registration of state-owned financial capital property rights○◇. State-owned financial capital is an important guarantee for promoting national modernization and safeguarding national financial security☆◇●. In recent years, my countrys state-owned financial capital has grown steadily, and the reform of state-owned financial institutions continues to advance, but still need further optimization management system▪■●. As the first province, the first batch of provinces who have completed the application of enterprises, Hebei, according to the unified deployment of the China Treasury…▲, since the end of October 2020★▽▼, the Hebei Provincial Department of Finance according to the principle of “comprehensive coverage●★, should be dedicated”○•▲-, and review. lingerie fabric old navy active go dry yoga pants garbage patch cleanup – eco friendly reusable products hessian tape katia jacquard,