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textile wholesaler:Original title: “Chasing Mountain Worker▲●” is involved in the “picking up the ice▽◁★★, solving the problem, grasping, speeding, and increment). This year, the national two sessions, the reform has become the topic of the representative members▽■▷▷. The reform temperament passed by the two sessions△…■, led the Chinese in the spring to speed up the footsteps, and once again to go to the target…●◇▽. The focus of reforming movements, the expectation of reform effects is constituting the common consciousness of our people in this era and collective consciousness. On the eve of the two sessions, the Peoples Network specially launched a hot spot investigation. In the eight high-top topics selected by more than 4 million netizens, it accounts for 3 issues related to reform. When the reform is constantly moving towards the intention, sincerely◇▼•☆, “the more reformed-◇, the more confident”•◆. The spirit of reform is over 40 years of light, and it is still possible to ignite hundreds of million★■.

Original title▷…•: “Yan Secretary◆▲△” just left, “Director Wang” is coming ▲□… I have already reported 17 real estate by the daughter-in-law! This weeks anti-corruption news, there is no provincial “Tiger”, and the publics attention is unusually concentrated. Starting from a smart micro-signal group○▲▷◆, many media and melon people have started a “carnival” of Holmes detective style. On Friday afternoon, the drama of ▼☆•”Yan Secretary Daughter” event finally killed. On the afternoon of May 18◇…, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission issued news, according to the Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission: Yan Chunfeng◆◆△•, deputy secretary of Guangan Municipal Party Committee, is suspected of serious violations, and is currently being accepted for discipline review and monitoring. Objectively, it is necessary to intervene in the Sichuan Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, not, unable to follow public concerns. However, some people say that in “Yan Secretary Daught?

Delegation: Guangdong Time: 9-★□▼:00 Location: Purple Cloud Hall on the second floor of the Capital Hotel B■•◆, Purple Cloud Hall Conference▽●◆: All Meetings (General Conference on General Conference) Meeting Tita▲○◆: Consideration Government Work Report Delegation: Ningxia Time•▼: 9●▽◁: 00 Venue=■■△: The form of the first meeting office of the second floor of the National Peoples Conference Center: All meetings (General Conference on General Conference) Meeting Tita●◇•★: Review Government Work Report▷□◁: 1. Open group events were held at the General Assembly Hall, and the reporter invited the East Gate of the General Hall. 2. If there is any change, the news center will be notified in time=◇-▷. 3. In the meeting□=, please do not conduct individual interviews individual interviews◆▲…▷. The 13. th National Peoples Congress▲◁, a meeting◁□, the news center▲▼◆, March 5, 2. 0. exterior upholstery textilestailor made fabric – polyester yarn upcycled fabric environmental impact!