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chinese fabric manufacturers:Zhongxin Net Changsha May 28 (Reporter Deng Xia) Hunan Changsha found a group of ancient tombs in the Han to Tang and Song Dynasties in the construction site▪◇○●. The reporter saw the tombs in archaeological excavation on the site on the 28th▪▲★★. According to reports, there are currently 42 ancient tombs, and 24 seats have been discovered. Most of the tomb levels are small and medium-sized civilian tomb, a small amount of a secondary aristocratic tomb▪■•★. The construction project site is located in Hunan Geological Middle School, in the 19th cultural relics (Bulk Bay cultural relics), announced by Changsha Municipal Government○☆-◇. Zhang Jingyu, the head of the archaeological site▲☆•, said that the surrounding area of ​​the project has discovered multi-batch of ancient tombs and important artifacts in the process of cooperating with the basic construction of the cit.

On May 27th, the US Senate adopted the US Army Minister of the US Army▷△, Christine Wormuth○◆◁, was successfully appointed. He became the first female army minister in American history. It is reported that Woms has served as deputy director of the US Department of Defense during the Obama administration, and is currently director of the International Safety and Defense Policy Center of the United States. Xu Xu Xu [edit○◇: 立.

China New Net Taiyuan May 26 (Reporter Yang Jieying) On May 26th, the Shanxi Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference to publish the main data of the seventh national census in Shanxi Province. The resident population in Shanxi Province is 349,15616 people, which is 2.23% lower than the sixth national census data, the same as the same below)●△, and 0▲▼▲▷.23% annually…◆. From the view, there are 127,46,142 households in the province, and the household population is 3,213,8952 people; 63,8609 sets of collective households, the collective household population is 2◁★,776,64◆•. The average population of each household is 2•…◁.52 people, which is reduced by 3◁▪◁●.24 people in 201!

Original title: (Education) Ministry of Education: After the end of 2018○-●□, all school training institutions completed all school training institutions to rectify Xinhua News Agency▪•=, Beijing August 23 (Reporter Hu Hao) Ministry of Education, Director★■●, Director-▷△, Director, 23rd○▽●▷, 23, as of August 20■◁◆◁, National It has touched 382,000 foreign training institutions-▪■•, of which 259,000 have been found•■••, and 45,000●▼▼. In the second half of the year▲▷▼▽, the Ministry of Education will increase the intensity of rectification and supervision and supervision with relevant departments, and ensure that all training institutions have completed the rectification work of all training institutions before the end of 2018. In recent years, some school training institutions have carried out “test” training in violation of education teaching laws and quality education, interfere with normal education teaching and enrollment in enrollment◆▷•-, and increases students extracurricular burden. In February this year◆-…, the Ministry of Education will jointly issue a notice with relevant department. material consulting technical fabric – eco friendly oem fabric supplier textile Industry,