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headliner fabric:Original title: 2018 military school enrollment, the information you need here is here, the new combat power and urgent need for moderate increase Q: The recent supervisor has released the 2018 Chinese college enrollment plan through the media, triggering widespread attention•▷…. What kind of ideas should be followed by the enrollment work this year? What is the change in scale changes compared with previous years◆•▷? A★○▲: The 2018 military college enrollment work, with the guidance of Xi Jinping strong military thinking▼•☆◇, staring at the ability to fight and win the talent training target, give full play to the new institutional system advantage, follow the steady, steady and stricken, quality Priority thinking, focusing on improving the policy system, building a working mechanism, delaying the high-quality birthplace, and makes an orderly efficient development. On quantity, it is basically flat★•☆▽, the Liberation Army and Armed Police Force have been fundarated last yea△□!

China Xinwang on May 28, according to the website of the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia, in order to provide more convenient consumer service to overseas compatriots▲○◆, ••▽▷”Pocket Office”, ○□”Zero Suri”–, according to domestic unified deployment, China Embassy in Ethiopia will On May 31, 2021 officially launched the =…◆”China Consular…◆” app. Enabling features include overseas residential personnel to receive pension qualification certification○□••, consular certification=▼●◁, consular news▷•, and protection services (including 12308 one-button call). Other functions such as “Passport Ticket” and ◇◇□”Emergency Travel Certificate” online handle will be opened later and will be announced separately■■. After the ▽☆”China Consular★□▷□” app is enabled, the applicant does not need to apply to the packa▽☆-.

Original title: The military transfer cadres resettlement will change? The official response said … Recently, the network rumors of the military transfer cadres will change▷☆, causing the team to pay more attention■□•. The person in charge of the military departments accepted a reporters interview that the plan distribution and autonomous choice is still important ways to properly resettle the militarys transfiguration. According to the person in charge of the military departments, since the 18th National Congress of the Party•••, the Party Central Committee has attached great importance to the military resettlement work★▼, and a series of important instructions in properly resettlement of the military transfer cadres. It is effective to promote the success of the military-transfer resettlement task. Recently□△, the central government issued the “Deepening Party and National Institutional Reform Plan”. The State Council has established the Department of Retired Military Affairs★●▪●. The purpose is to better maintain the legitimate rights and interests of military military military, strength?

Zhang Qingwei, secretary of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee=▲△, called. Beijing News Reporter Xue Yu Title★-▪: Zhang Qingwei, Secretary of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, “Strong”, said to stop, on the morning of March 8…☆, Heilongjiang group opened on the opening day, an official responded to reporters about the provincial agricultural development plan, rural revitalization strategy When you ask questions, because of the material prepared by a preparation◆◆, Zhang Qingwei, who was △●”strong”, was called by Secretary of Heilongjiang Province, and interrupted twice▪▼. For the first time•○▪□, Zhang Qiwei directly called the name of the official, reminding him to respond to ask questions to short, leaving more times to other reporters who want to ask▽▪◇; Second, Zhang Qingwei directly with the official, =▷”reporter asked Hey, its straightforward, it doesnt need to say that the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee said•▼●, and the governor said. Then he screws into the next question. “This is the case▷▷, you. eco fabric factory fabric manufactuer – recycled cotton bric.

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