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Seaqual:Original title: Peoples Congress representative Zhao Wei: Select a domestic classic film, establish a national primary and secondary school student movie library National Peoples Congress, Zhao Wei submitted to the General Assembly to start the national excellent film into the campus project. Children and adolescents are the flowers of the motherland. It is the builders and successors of the future socialist cause△-▷, carrying the hopes and dreams of the Chinese nation. Guiding the majority of children and adolescents with excellent cultural work education□◁▪, establish and promote socialist core values, is the fundamental investigation of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and is also a top priority to strengthen innovation of national basic education. As the most vivid visualty, the movie is the integrated audio-visual art form of people who are happy◇◁▷•, but also provide spiritual cultural food■•◁, disseminate social ideology, in the soul of nourishing people, cultivati.

Original title▼•: 2018 National two sessions 丨 Cao Jianming: For 5 years, a total of 120 Yuan Provincial Departmental ministerials will investigate the Beijing News (Reporter Wang Mengyao) March 9th, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate Cao Jianming was the thirteenth The first meeting of the National Peoples Congress attended the work=☆. He mentioned in the report that since the 18th National Congress, the procuratorial organ has filed a discovery of 120 original provincial and ministerial levels of Zhou Yongkang, Sun Zhengcai○△●•, Order Plan, Su Rong and other cadres, and filed a public prosecution on 105 original ministries. The reporter noted that the plan, Su Rong was □▪◇○”named” in 2016, the highest inspection work report in 2016; Zhou Yongkang, which was transferred to the judicial organ, and has been ▽▼”some name○-” in the highest inspection work report in 2015. “Tabi” of the procuratorial organ,.

Original title: Chinas order is $ 35.4 billion! The European and American air giants have a contrary. Both companies refuse to publicly buyers identity-•▷★, so as not to enter the “mine” of China-US economic and trade friction. “Unusual scenes” occurred at the Fanbao Luo International Aerospace Exhibition in the UK▽-. According to 18 days of Bloomberg, Reuters, the aviation industry two giants US Boeing and European Airbus have received $ 35.4 billion orders from Chinese buyers in this air show•●★□, but both companies refuse to open buyers. Identity, so as not to enter China-US economic and trade friction “mine”. Data Map: Boeing 737max7 ◆□•▼”At the annual air show-…▼, these two giants usually do not miss any opportunity to celebrate their maximum order: surrounded by flight, executives, executives will be high in signing the ceremon.

Original title: 2018 National Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference: Cultivate enough family doctors is the big problem for the new Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Wei) today (March 10), the 13th meeting of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference Three reporters will be held in the center of Madia. There is a reporter question “How should I enhance the construction of the grassroots health service system?” Liu Yucun•-, deputy secretary of the National Committee of China, Liu Yusun○■▼, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Peking University, responded that cultivating enough family doctors is currently an urgent problem to be solved. Liu Yucun said that in the 1950s and 1960s◇◇☆, the media said that we “lack medical little medicine”. At that time, the government did the top design, vigorously enabling a lot of hospitals▲-▲•, solved the problem to a certain extent, but still left These keywords have been “difficult to see a doctor☆★-▽, see you.-□” The hospital covered by the big city is already enoug■◇-. seaqual mattress reviewseco-friendly sportswear – ocean cln-up home furnishings environmentally friendly fabric!