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functional fabric:Original title: Four years 50 sexual violations 6 measures such as identification can only be used. (Oriental IC / Figure) In the past four years, the media reports and the drip drivers sexual invasion, sexual harassment incidents treated by the relevant departments•–, at least 50. Female passengers were raped by a windmill driver, and it had taken place in 2017. Participation of the drip public relations department▼☆○: Take a punishment of the sexual harassment incidents – a permanent enclosure account, but it has to be recognized that there is a problem that the problem of fracture of sexual harassment is difficult. 50 drivers, at least 3 people have a criminal preceding department that endangers personal safety▲○, but through the “three certificat-☆▽.

Overseas network depth: Freuds first anniversary, the American gunshots will put a summary: the United States ……▲○”Economist” The conviction of the police who will kill Freud does not seem to improve the relationship between American police and colored people. On May 25th◁○•, the American African Man George Freud was killed for the first anniversary of death. On the same day, shooting incidents in George Freud Memorial Square, Minnesota, Minnesota☆▼▲. A video showed that the Associated Press reporter Philip Kalay suddenly came to a few gunshots when reported on the spot. “New York Times○▲” reported that several US reporters were in progre▲■.

Xinhua News Agency, Hefei May 26 (Reporter Ma Yurui●◇☆=, Liu Junxi) only needs no more than 1 hour, a scrap railway truck can be automatically disassembled by the robot, and then through deep processing can become agricultural machinery, hardware and other products. On May 26th, the railway material circulation and production base established in Maanshan City, Anhui Province was officially put into operation, and the railway scrapped materials will be “re-won new” here△★. Annual dismantling 4,000 scrapped locomotives, passenger cars, trucks, disposal of 125□•☆,000 tons of scrap rail, 58,000 tons of waste metal … As the high-end intelligent manufacturing industry project◆○◁, the production of high-end intelligent manufacturing industries is 210,000 tons, with independence R & D automation sc?seaqual item – material sourcing fabric mill recycled polyester,