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ecological fabric:Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 National Peoples Congress of the National Peoples Congress Yellow Club☆●▪□: Demonstration of Demonstration Double-Detection Requirements Cancellation of Social Support New Beijing News (Reporter Sha Xueliang) A few years ago to cancel the social support fee, the National Peoples Congress represents Huang Xiaolong, The 13th National Peoples Congress once again proposed the proposal to cancel the social support■•…. ★▼”The” Chinese fertility ◇□”is a good time to be vigilant. In this context, the fine of super-life children is still continuous▼☆•.” Huang Daihua quoted a group of data in the recommendations□▽■△: 2017, the national birth population is 17.23 million People, the birth rate is 12.43 ‰, which is reduced in the previous year▽△•. ▽△”There is a logic vulnerability in social support.★▽△●” Huang Mihua pointed out that the family planning department believes that the population of the birth of more social public resources▽▽▽△, ••.

China News Agency, Beijing May 27 (Reporter Zhou Yin) China Ministry of Transport Department disclosed, 2020 , Do a good job in emergency emergency disposal▽▷=. The total annual organization coordinated rescue action 1758, successfully rescued 1110 in-years, 10,834 Chinese and foreign distressed people, and the search and rescue success rate was 95.8%. Sun Wenjian pointed out that in order to encourage social search and rescue power to participate in the sea search and rescue operation, the China Maritime Search and Rescue Center organized experts 2020 searches recommended by 35 provincial sea search and rescue agencie□●▪.

Original title☆-◇•: Maotai Group Search Corporation Party Secretary○◇, Chairman Source: WeChat Board ▽•▽”Motion Guizhou” Maotai Group Jiji Company official network diagram According to Maotai Group, the official website of Moutai Group★▲★•, the party secretary, and the chairman recently occurred change. The party committee, deputy general manager of Maotai Group, the party secretary of the party committee☆…•…, and chairman of the Directors★△▲, and Chairman of the Board of Directors, no longer serve as the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Xiji Company; the general manager of the original Maotai Group, the general manager of the learning company Dan “take a rod…•◇” Zhang Dhen, became a new party secretary and chairman of the Xiji Company▽△…. According to the official website of the Jijie Company, the general manager is currently temporarily vacancap●○▽. According to the public number of “Beauty Vision”, the general manager of Xiji Company is appointed by the Maotai Group, the general manager of Guizhou Maotai Co★▷◁., Lt☆○○.

Original title: “Traveling” is gradually retired for two months, and Ms. Xu, who is 55 years old△-•, has booked the ◇▪▷”Cruise 15 Day Tour” with the old classmates. I cant wait to plan myself☆▪. “New Life”. With the continuous increase in the economic level of Chinese residents△★, ☆◁▷”travelers” is becoming a new trend of life in many Chinese elderly. They believe that this can help them find more happiness and belonging, and can reduce the burden on their children. ▷▲☆▷”Traveling” includes different forms of rural tourism models, hotel apartment models, off-site pension community patterns, travel exchange models, and their common feature is rich and changing the elderly tourism, life, entertainment, etc▲=■▽., and improve the life of the elderly◆=. Quality and happiness index. National Bureau of Statistics National Economics and Socie.