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recycled:Original title☆▼: Entry-tariff is not a solution to the problem – visiting the US Forefront Ambassador Boas, the US reporter Zhang Xiang Hu Zhuyi “The United States need to cooperate, the people of the two countries also hope to cooperate.▲◁…” Ambassador to China Bosaas recently emphasized this point of view when Montan received the reporter. Bokas served as a US ambassador in China in February 2014□•, in 35 years in the US Federal Senate, including the important position of the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, is the permanent normal trade relationship of the US Congress 2000=▼, 2001 Chinas accession to the World Trade Organization and other major events and promoters have experienced in the United States and China trade cooperation. For the Triang government to increase tariffs for goods from Chi▪☆◆.

Representative of the National Peoples Congress, Beijing Qiankun (Urumqi) Law Firm, deputy director of the Law Firm. Gao Yang Quiogon Title: Fatima Representative: Lawyer Participates in the Method of Complaints to Identify Letters and visits to effectively resolve contradictions Justice Network Beijing March 11th (Reporter Gao Yang) This years highest inspection work report said that the procuratorate “adheres to democratic participation, people supervision , The combination of prosecution▽◁◆…, rights relief, promotes the construction of petitions, establishing lawyers to participate in the resolution and agents involving the case system involved in the case of petition, and guarantee legal and reasonable results in accordance with legal provisions and procedures-•. ▪◇” The National Peoples Congress representative, Beijing Qiankun (Urumqi) Law Firm said that when he interviewed reporters-△▲▪, let the lawyers participated in the understanding of the letter of letters and visits involved in the law…▲, fully reflecting the prosecutors work on lawyer.

Original title: Director Liu, director of the National Territory, met with the Mayor of Xinbei City◁▲, the director of the Mayor Zhu Lilun, and Liu Ji, who met in Hongqiao City■□●▷, visited Zhu Lilun▽☆•, mayor▽■, the mayor of Taiwan. The meeting begins at 10:33. The two handshake, and they are in love with each other▪-★. Subsequently▼■•, the two sides began talks. Zhu Lilun has started 21 days on the 21st◆☆▷, and he went to Nanjing, Suzhou☆▷…, Shanghai and other places to visit. On the 25th, when I met with Li Qiang, Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Zhu Lilun said that Shanghai will always adhere to the ▼□●”Nine-two Consensus☆○” in Shanghai, which will always adhere to the “Nine-two Consensus”. In order to promote two-strait peaceful development▪■, promote cross-strait city exchange Play a bigger role•◇△▽. Responsible Editor: Zhang !

Zhongxin Net Hefei May 27th (Reporter Wu Lan) reporter learned from China University of Science and Technology□◇◆, IEEE CAS■▼▷, IEEE CAS, awarded 2021 Mac Van Valkenburg Awards To commend him “contribution to multimedia non-uniform coding and communication…○-◁”. This is the first award from the history of the award to mainland China, and the award is also awarded to Chinese scholars after 14 years. Professor Wu Feng is an academic leader in my countrys network streaming media▷□☆◆. He has been engaged in the basic theory, key technologies, and standards of network streaming media from the end of the 1990★-▷.

Xinhua News Agency=◆○☆, Beijing▽▼=◁, May 28, Prime Minister Li Keqiang, who launched the activities to China-ASEAN Sustainable Development, on May 28. Li Keqiang said that advancing sustainable development is the fundamental policy of solving many global problems. Last year, I jointly announced the year of the ASEAN national leader to China-ASEAN Sustainable Development Cooperation, which is to enhance both parties to cooperate with climate change◆•◇, poverty reduction▼△▪, etc., and to achieve sustainable Development creates multifaceted favorable conditions. Li Keqiang pointed out that this year also coincides with the 30th anniversary of China-ASEAN establish a dialogue relationship, both parties and cooperation have achieved great development. China has always regarded ASEAN as a surroundi. recycled polyestermarine litter.

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