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upcycled fabric – fashion clothing rpet polyester yarn,innovative textile:China New Network Changzhi May 28th: ​​The 60-year-old man Kaikang Library Near 10,000 books witnessed the author Wu Qiong Li Huahua “Collect the literature of the Southern Southern Region, which can also reserve the historical memory of the place▪▲, and can also use the texts of the text=○-. Promote cultural exchanges and inherit the local culture. “28th☆•▽, the 61-year-old Tibetan Tibetan Tibetan Tibetan, Li Haiquan=●, showed the local documentary information collected in 10 years. Literary works★▪▲▲, local history, drama script, academic discipline … Shanxi Province Changzhi City▪…◆, Zhangzhou District, there is a collection of Tibetan libraries that specialize in the southeast region of Jinnan, a wide range of books▼◆▽, attracting readers to watch. When I started Li Haiquan, I love to read the book◇…, and the book is his childhoo?

Source: Views News Title: The CPPCC recommends accelerating the control of smoke legislation to persuade smoke defending the defendant: will let the discourse more than the legal newspaper • View news (Reporter Li Hongpeng Zhu Jianyong) March 3▽▪●, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Feng Yuxiangs granddaughter Feng Danlong accept The Legal Evening News • The news reporter said that this year her suggestion is that the State Council considers the adoption of the ◆●▲▷”public place to control the smoking regulations-☆▼=”-=, and the relevant provisions shall be consistent with the World Health Organization “Tobacco Control Framework Convention”□●▪◁, that is, all indoor public places Smoking is prohibited in indoor workplaces and public transportation. Henan Zhengzhou doctor■▼★▪, Henan Zhengzhou doctor, Henan Zhengzhou doctor★▽▼◁, is said to this, said that if there is a national tobacco control regulation, the management of smoking in public places will be more powerful□▲, futu•◇?

The reporter learned from the Ministry of Agriculture○-◆•, in the Middle East region, the reporter ushered in a new round of precipitation process☆●★▷, especially the rain and snow in the river in North China, soil, the soil is improved, and it is beneficial to wheat growth and spring broadcast. There are three main characteristics of the precipitation process: the rainfall is wide▲■◁. There is a rainfall weather in the eastern part of the southwest, Jianghan, Jiangnan, South China and the southeastern part of the northwest. Large local rainfall○◁. Northwestern, southwest, southeastern Jianghan, western Jiangnan▽▲▲•, north of Guangxi and southeast of Yunnan▼◇▲▼, etc. It is expected that in the next few days, most of the southern parts of the south have 20-50 mm, and the local is more than 100 mm. Effective rainfall in the arid zone. Hebei and Beijing-Tianjin areas have no significant rainfall in 140 days. During the precipitation▽▼, as of 2 pm on March 17, Shijia, Heb.

Original title■▼▪: In less than 4 and a half hours=•▽▷, Hangzhou will start the evening shift next month▼▽-. At present, the ticket has been sold online. The fare is temporary■•••; WiFi is full coverage, the seat spacing is more round-trip Hangzhou Beijing▪•●○, Revival The high-speed rail will be very popular at a time of 350 kilometers. Sitting on the latest Renaissance high-speed rail, with a 350-kilometer speed, from Hangzhou East Railway Station to Beijing South Railway Station☆□, the fastest need for 4 hours and 23 minutes .•◇□▪.. This is exciting next month to achieve. The money reporter learned that on April 10, the national railway will be adjusted by train operation. The biggest highlight of this recording is that the 350-kilometer level of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail has increased from existing 7 to 15 pairs, of which three pairs of ▲▽◇◆”revival” high-speed rail are enabled in the south of Hangzhou. First batch of Hangji★=•□.

Original title: The Ministry of Environment: It is restored to the Bohai bone gray, guarantees the Haihai Mass Sea Funeral Demand Ecological Environment Department Office of the Office of the Office of China [2018] No. 537 About the Restoration of the Bohai Chronicles Pouring Related Matters State Ocean Bureau North Sea Branch: According to the basis The State Council institutional reform plan, the marine tilt management function has been transferred. In order to implement the people-centered development thoughts◇…, ensure the requirements of the people of the Bohai Sea●○, and effectively implement the relevant requirements of “work” during the process of reform△▽, and now the Bohai Yimei is in the Bohai Ashes during the reform transition★●, as follows: First, from now Restore the Bohai ash▽•△, please continue to do a good job in issuance of licenses in accordance with laws and regulations and “put” reform requirements. The reform of the organization is completed, and the function is adjusted .