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garment:Original title▼△★: Rehabilitation Xiaoyan incident: Do not give yourself plus the self-cultivation of volunteers in Xiao Fengya incident, the volunteers have the active movement of the service object and is full of greatness, this is very unprofessional. Text Zhang Tianpan ○◆▷”Xiaoyuyas death” incident has gradually presents a relatively clear context•■, from the beginning of the Qianfeng Yas parents, and now public opinion generally questioned the volunteers in the event and spread this online□☆. The initiator of the matter, the direction of public opinion has taken great shift. Writers Chen Hao•★, volunteers who participated in this matter and some netizens of netizens, causing secondary injuries to Xiao Fengya parents, from helping people, and rescue people finally evolved into ★▽-“hurt people.” ▲ Writer Chen Wei Weibo screenshot some volunteers who care about Xiao Fengya and self-media, without confirming all the fac=…▼•.

Original title: Guo Xiwen Ren Fujian Ningde Municipal Party Committee Secretary Guo Xiwen held the citys leading cadre meeting, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Committee, Organizing Minister Hu Changsheng to the meeting, Vice Governors arms presided over the meeting, the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department Manage Deputy Director Yang Guohao announced the decision of the provincial party committee on the adjustment of the main leaders of the Ningde Municipal Committee. The Provincial Party Committee decided: Comrade the Juni Army no longer served as the secretary of the Ningde Municipal Party Committee, member of the Standing Committee and Committee; Comrade Guo Xiwen was a Secretary of the Ningde Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China. Guo Xiwen resume Guo Xiwen, male•□◁=, Han nationality, born in January 1968○●☆, Fujian Fu Qing people, full-time university degree (Shanghai Jiaotong University Ship Engineering, Automation Control Major); In-Duty Graduate Education▪●…◆, Political and Economics▪□▲▪, Jilin University▪◆, China – Europe International Business Administration EMBA Professional)•▲-…, master of economics, business manageme!

The core reminder comes over the same day▪●, the city continues to promote the importance of the general secretary of Xi Jinping, the importance of the spirit of the important speech☆▼▷. The city has deeply understood the general secretary of the general secretary on creating a good political ecology▼•●, strengthening education guidance, paying attention to being broken, grasping the “key minority•●●”, and resolutely succumbing to Sun Zhengcai is bad and Bo Xilai, Wang Lijun is fluid, firmly establishing according to democracy The idea of ​​doing things in principle☆◆=•, driving Chongqing political ecology continues to be good, overall is good. The new era of political life in Zhou Xingqing, the new chapter of Chongqing Development▲▪, the new chapter of the Communist Party of China▽▲, the Communist Party of China, the general speech, the general speech of the Chongqing delegation▼•, is the most important thinking of our reorganization▷▲○, and do a good job in Chongqing◁▷▽★. All aspects of the most practical action guide. Municipal Development Reform Commissi chinese textile manufacturers material consulting material sourcing !chinese fabric suppliers!