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clean our ocean:China Xinwang Zhengzhou May 28th (Li Ming) is in the container cargo field of Zhengzhou Putian Station•=★, there is a group of railway workers who can stage “full martial arts-○-•”, they can guarantee the skilled technologies of long-term work in frontline work. The safe operation of China-European class (Zhengzhou). Since its inception in July 2013, China-EU Since July, after more than 7 years of operation, the more running, the more we run…△▽•, the more it run, the more it go■◇▽, become “buy the world, sell global” international logistics land transport “Gold Train-▪”. Safeguard the railway employee of the “gold train” safely, it can be described as a big story. Zhengzhou car seat Baodian station transfer carrier is introduced in the weekday work▲◇△, like it is list!

China News Agency, May 27 (Reporter Shaoxatin) The US State Department issued a statement on the 27th local time to say that because the “violation” in Russia will return to the “Open Space Treaty”-△•▷. According to US media reports, the US Deputy Secretary of State, Wendy Sherman, notified the news on the day. Russia has confirmed the message. The US State Council said on the same day◇□•, “▽▽○” Open Sky Treaty “was destroyed because of the violation of Russia, the US said regrets=▲◆. The US decided to return to this treaty after evaluation■□△▪, will not return to this treaty. Russian violation of treaty behavior and recent Ukraine The behavior, does not meet the commitment to establish tru.

Original title: No China, the peninsula declaration is invalid! It can be overthrown at any time. On the day of the Golden Association•▽•◆, the United States and South Korea will jointly announce the end of the Korean war. “This is the Korean media on Monday explosive detail. The news comes from “Washington and Singapores senior people”△◆★▲, “people” said that the final declaration will be the most striking results in the United States Summit•●, and even exceed the basic agreement that will reach the non-nucleation△★. The 1950s, the North Korean war ended on July 27, 1953▼△▷, while only signed a stop agreement, not the Peace Treaty◆▽☆, so strictly, and the Korean is still in war. If the North Korean peninsula ends for 65 years of war, it is of course a good thing▪○▽☆. But unfortunately, if there is no Chinese participation, the Ministry of the United States or the United States is signed by Han Dynas=☆■ corporate wear!

Original title: Zhang Wei Committee▽▪•△: Chinas online literature has become “the worlds four major cultural phenomena”□□◁? my countrys network literature has more fire? Member of the National Committee of China, Zhang Wei (in the pen name) Zhang Wei (in the pen name ” Is there a good thing to network literature★•★•? Is it a good thing for Chinese culture? Zhang Wei responded: “I think it is a good thing. This is a prosperous world in the history of Chinese literature. In history, there have never had so many autherers and readers.” He analyzed the reasons for my countrys online literature◁☆=☆: on the one hand, because my country has huge The number of population, micro-profit model and continuous reading are built here; on the other hand, Chinas five thousand years of history and culture is the basis for the creation of network literature writer.

Original title: Please pay attention textile solution technical textiles – ocean plastic clothing. eco-friendly sportswear! The A-level Wanted Crime of the Ministry of Public Security, and Zhangbei police rewards increased to 200,000 yuan◇★▽●! In the early morning of May 31, 2018, the Jikou Village, Dasu Town, Zhangbei County▪•▷-, Zhangjiakou City-▼=, Hebei Province, and one person died. After investigation, I confirmed that Wang Lihui (the Ministry of Public Security A-level wanted criminals) had a major crime. Wang Lihui (alias Wang Hui, Wang Zixing), male▽-●▽, 39 years old, Han nationality, junior high school culture•□●, Luolong District, Luoyang City, Henan Province★▷▼★, 167cm, body high△■, middle. It is not standard Mandarin•●▪▲, with Henan accent◇•▷●. When the case is time, the beast is hull, and the two are there=▲. There is a shackle◆●▪▲. I am in the dark cotton coat, the lower body wear dark blue jeans◇▽△▪, my foot wear black leather shoes or white travel shoes, head wear a white duck hat, carry a blue backpack, Entry, one fortune-●, c.