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automotive upholstery:Original title: Ministry of Foreign Affairs☆□○=: China does not want to hit trade war to persuade beauty◇▼…, there is no need to collide with the South Wall again●•▽. Today (30th) Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Zhan hosted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs◆★. Q: According to reports, the US Ambassador to China Brandad has recently accepted the media interview that China should not restrict the import of soybeans from the United States★-•. What is Chinas comment? A▷★○●: I know that Bransad Ambassador is from the US important agriculture. He cares about the interests of American agricultural industries that can be fully understood. In fact, we have also seen recently. The United States is not only the agricultural industry, which is not only the agricultural product industry due to worrying that the US governments unilateral measures have led to the deterioration of China and the United States. As for the Chinese side○•, it should take a large bean as a counter-field◇▽◆. I think everyone must know, that is, trade and trade wa◇◁-?

Original title: Two conferences Ma Huateng suggested to formulate ▽=•■”National Park Law” China Securities Network News (Reporter Shao Hao) After the two sessions▪■, the National Peoples Congress, the National Peoples Congress, Tencent Board of Directors☆•◇•, Chairman and Chief Executive official Ma Mi Teng this year, I will submit this year. A written recommendation on the construction of ecological civilization – ▲…”Issue on Encourage Social Welfare Organization to participate in the construction and management of national parks”. Ma Huateng believes that national parks are a public welfare national project, and social public welfare institutions have natural advantages in participating in all-in engineering. Public welfare organizations should play their own advantages◇○, actively engage in the natural protection of my countrys national park as the main body•●, participate in the construction of ◁★■”beautiful China”. Ma Huateng proposed five specific recommendations: First, formulate “national pa.

Xinhua News Agency: I want to ask Director Liu on the issue of third-party assessment assessment△•. In these years, we noticed that from the provincial inter-provincial assessment assessment, we have added the media unannounced visit to the supervision of the media this year, we feel that the assessment is getting strict. This year, do you expect to assess whether the assessment is more strict in this trend? After such an assessment assessment, what kind of deep and advanced role is there◆-? Thank you=■△. Liu Yongfu: The most stringent assessment assessment system is a significant feature of our poverty reduction and the requirements of the Party Central Committee and General Secretary■☆●▪. Therefore, our assessment assessment is not that our party and government organs go to check□▼=, statistical statistics, and listen to reports. We have an extravagant assessment, especially for provincial level! reupholstery supplies medical textile natural material material consulting,