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ocean plastic clothing:Zhongxin.com May 26 (Peng Fuyou Dong Ning) On May 26th, the West Channel of Longbang Port, Guangxi, was temporarily opened, and the acceptance of the acceptance☆△-■. At the acceptance group-◆=▪, the port inspection site, business room and related supporting facilities, etc.•◇▪▲, listened to the provisional work of the Jingxi Municipal Peoples Government on the Provisional Open Preparation of the West Channel of Longbang Port…◇◆. After discussion, the acceptance team believes that the West Channel in the Longbang Port=-, the West Channel inspection site and supporting facilities can meet the implementation of the inspection operations in each inspection unit under the interim openness. The West Channel of Longbang Port is located in the 736-1, 736-2 boundary▼◆▪□, seamlessly docked with the Vietnamese King Port Economic Zone. It is Chinas “all the way” and Vietna!

Original title: The Ministry of Human Social Strong issued the resident pension▽•▲, 65 years old•★☆○, the old-age inspector will enjoy the policy to incline the Beijing News News (Reporter Wu Xi) On March 29=△○-, the Ministry of Human and Social Security announced the recent joint issuance of the Ministry of Finance■□▼. Guidance on the establishment of the basic endowment insurance treatment of urban and rural residents and the normal adjustment mechanism of basic pensions. In terms of “perfect treatment determination mechanism”, the document is clearly suggested▪●, and the 65-year-old and above is appropriately tilted▼■◁. For the basic endowment insurance of urban and rural residents△-, this opinion is clear•▼□•, and its treatment is made up of basic pension and personal account pension•▼△. The basic pension is determined by the central and local identification standards to meet the qualified insured; the personal account pension is determined by the individual accounts=□△. Central according .

China News Agency●○●▲, March 26 (Reporter Yu Rui Dong) Canada is planning to launch the Moon in the next 5 years by planning to cooperate with NASA (NASA)•◇▷▷. The Canadian Government discloses to the media on May 26, discloses new progress to the promotion of the probe project○△. According to the Plan of the Canada, Canadas moon will carry at least two scientific equipment in Canada and the United States within 5 years★◇■, and log in to the moon to perform tasks for collecting moon surface images and data•■. At the same time, the moon car will try to experience a full-cold and dark test of a complete month night. One month is equivalent to 14 days on the earth. First step in the moon car project, Cana▼★?

Original title●=▪◁: Cao Yichun Committee: Personal bad information storage deadline is less than severe to severely punish the National Political Consultative Conference of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the Dean of the Regional University of Changzhou University, Professor of China University of Political Science and Law, the •▼”blacklist system”, the =▷△•”blacklist system” is my country An important initiative for the integrity system-▷•◁. National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Dean of the Regional University of Changzhou University, Professor…◇△, China University of Political Science and Law, believes that “blacklist system” is in the implementation of the power of joint discipline, but also includes other supporting systems such as the resulinage system and verification of the verification system. Support and guarantee=•●○. Cao Yizun said that the ▼■▲”Blacklist” system still lacks the responsibility system for credit information generation and verification, which is not conducive to ensuring the true and reliable information. At the same time, the letter caused by the dispersion of the main credit information and the segmentation of the credit system blo. upcycling plastic bottlesinnovative textiles – bluesign fabric eco-friendly workwear environment protection,