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eco friendly:Original title: US chip giant beauty technology is ruling in China▽…, and is related to China and US trade relations? [Global Network Comprehensive Report] On July 4, 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Lu Hou hosted a routine reporter meeting△◇◁◇, and there were reporters asked that it was reported that the US chip production business technology company sued a state-owned enterprise and a Taiwanese company in mainland China. Stealing its technique. Fuzhou Intermediate Peoples Court Yesterday, the US light company was banned from selling part of the chip products in China▽■▷. Is the court chose to introduce the ban on the temporary trade relationship between China and the United States? Lu Hong responded that I understand this should be a business case for intellectual property protection=•☆▽. For details, it is recommended that you understand the competent department△△…-. Here I want to emphasize two points: First-•□▷, China is the rule of law country, strictly acts in accordance with the law…▪-, and provides all compani▷■▪.

China New Agency, Beijing□▽, May 26 (Reporter) Recently, China officially issued the “National Integrated Data Center to Cognition Implementation Plan▲☆■△” (hereinafter referred to as △…”plan”)△△=▪, clearly put forward the national calculation Force network national hub nodes○•, launch the implementation of ▽△”East Section West Cord” project to build a national power network system-▪★☆. On the 26th▲…, the China National Development and Reform Commission Innovation and the main person in charge of the High-tech Development Division conducted interpretation of the status of the document○▲■☆. The person in charge said that in recent years, Chinas digital economy has flourished, and the support of building a modern economic system, achieving high quality development is constantly high■□-△. As the digital transformation and upgrading progress in various industri▷▷■▼.

Source: Chinas Voice Original title: The Ecological Environment Department responds to environmental volunteers to be detained▽•▪■: More inclusive parties have filed administrative reconsideration According to China Voice “News•-■△” report•△, the recent environmental disputes in Guangdong Mao Xinyi City, triggered The public is hot. At the first press conference after the new formation of the Ministry of Ecological Environment, there were reporters to throw problems to the ecological environmental spokesperson Liu Youbin. How to evaluate Guangdong environmental volunteers Lei Pings detention incident? Eco-Environment spokesperson Liu Youbei Answer: “Environmental Society and Environmental Volunteers are the Allied Army of Ecological Environment. Many environmental social organizations and volunteers are actively involved in ecological environment, and report environmental violations. Maintaining public environmental rights according to law is an effective supplement of government power○☆. Overa●☆◆●.staple fiber – econyl yarn hosiery textile denim twill weave,