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fabric wholesale direct:Original title: After the new year of Wang Ru Lin, after a month of the National Committee of the CPPCC, Wang Ru Lin went to Gansu. According to the □▪▲”CPPCC National Committee 2018 Consultative Program” and the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, April 11 to April 15th, Wang Ru Lin▪•, deputy director of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference▲★, and the deputy director of the Cultural and Wenshu and the Learning Committee◁▲○, led the team to the “historical and cultural city name◁★☆▽” in Gansu. Total investigation of town protection. During Gansu, Linyi◇=◇, secretary of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee, governor Tang Renjian☆◁▷, visited the development group. From April 13th to 14th, Wang Ru Lin led the investigation and research group to visit Zhangye City. The research team pointed out that it is necessary to scientifically plan▼▷, carefully organize○…△□, and effectively do a good job in repairing and development and utilization of historical sites-▷▪★. While doing full protection of the original appearance, further excavation of the collection and enrichment of the ruins of the ruin.

Zhongxin Network Lhasa May 28th (Xie Mu Gonggong) 28th, celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the 70th anniversary of Tibet and the first flower art tourism culture festival in Lhasa City International City (hereinafter referred to as =◇▪”Tibetan Tour Town”) officially opened. The picture shows the tourists take pictures in the glass flower house▽▷◁□. Gongga to make this flower exhibition culture tourism□▪●…, Tibetan performance, large light and shadow○▽, Himalayan and Tibetan cultural museums, special catering, shopping, leisure and entertainment, by Tibetan City and Yunnan Jinyuan Flower Union Create. Activities aim to promote the development of cultural, economic●☆▽-, and tourism in the two places●△. The picture shows the development of Tibetan societ◁▼.

Original title: Finance Minister Xiao Jie▪■▷△: Angel Investment Information Tax Treated Policy This year, this years national promotion report Liberation Daily · View Journalist Zhu Yizhen Wang Yile 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center held a press conference this morning, inviting Minister of the Minister of the Minister of Treasury Deputy Director Shi Yaobin◁◁◇•, Hu Jinglin◁-◆, answered questions from China and foreign journalists on the “Financial and Tax Reform and Financial Work”. When responding to the issue of tax cuts, Xiao Jie said that this year will continue to implement tax reduction and tax reduction policies in accordance with the Party Central State Council■□◁★, further mitigating the burden of enterprise, allowing the market entity to make greater development vitality. Xiao Jie said that this year mainly considers the following aspects. First•■, continue to reform and improve the VAT system. According to the value-added tax rate, the direction of the two gears▽▪, the level of adjustment of the tax rate is reasonable, and the focus is to reduce manufacturing and paymen.