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grs standard:Original title•◇▪▷: This kind of official is reported to the governments work to pull black★○, Liu Qiangdong is angry Source: Beijing Daily fair can never “new official ignore the old account”! Prime Minister Li Keqiang is on the 5th when he is a government work report. The Prime Ministers voice is just, Liu Qiangdong will raise his hand when the National Political Consultative Associations Industrial and Commercial Group is coming■=, saying that this will be “not on anti-corruption”▪◇. He also appeared: a district of a district of Jingdong investment, the former regional long promised road broadtens the plan▪●, can be present, ▽▪=…”That is the last thing=▪◇, you find the last district man”. ▲▪◁…” “One general, one…△•◁, one▽•=•, one.” In reality•◆, “new official ignorance is the old account” is an old problem, faithful project•▽, no head, and other wonderful cases have emerged△△●. At the end of last year, there were engineering contractors to complain to the media, 14 yea.

Original title: Shanxi Taiyuan, Yuncheng, Lu Liang today publicly pronounced three major black cases involved 76 defendants from severe punishment, March 26, 2018, Shanxi Yuncheng, Taiyuan City, Lu Liang Mingxian People The courts conducted a public pronunciation of the organizers, participants-…▷, “protective umbrellas=-○”▪△, and 51 non-black criminal accused, including Jing Yim, Zhang Zhiyong, Zhang Zhixiong, and 51 non-black criminal defendants••◆. This is the successful judgment of the “Wen Xi Hou Brothers”, “Shanxi=…△”☆◁●, “Sweeping and Evil■▼” in Shanxi Province•●▲, highlights the provincial party committee and the judiciary “sweeping the evil■■□” Serving confidence and determination. Yuncheng City Intermediate Peoples Court publicly sentenced the “Tomb of Tomb Blac.

Original title: Zhang Shuolu, director of the Beijing Municipal Committee=•, Director of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Municipal Supervision Committee, Director of the Municipal Supervision Committee – Reform, is not a simple functional stacking supervision committee…◇, on behalf of the monitoring organs to accept peoples supervision, democratic supervision and social supervision; another Aspects are represented by the party and national supervisors, through the exercise of the representative of the people△☆●, better publicize the partys anti-corruption, and transform it into the national will, reflecting the partys comprehensive leadership. At the same time, as a representative of the peoples congress, exercising the national monitoring function is responsible, participating in the peoples congress, strengthens the supervision function of the National Power Organization…◆, and broaden the way the peoples supervision power is. Carrying the expectations of the people, the Director of the Supervision and Commission came to the country◇○◁•. Let us listen to the vividness of them as reform.

Original title: Liaoning Provincial Animal Husbandry Bureau issued an urgent notice: the provinces comprehensive investigation and monitoring of exfoliation of the extension of the immunity◁•★: Li Ni / Liaoshen Evening Report Liao Shen Evening News August 6 news▲▲○, 6th△◁▪, Liaoning Animal Husbandry Bureau issued an urgent notice, The provinces are required to do a good job in the prevention and control of African swine fever. All localities should carry out comprehensive investigations and emergency monitoring◆◁◇, strict epidemic diagnosis and epidemic reports, strengthen the mobility supervision of pigs, and strictly prevent the spread of the epidemic▪▲●. According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Animal Husbandry Administration-■◆, on August 3▲◁○, the national confirmed in Shenyang City, Shenyang City=•, Shenyang City, China, and the first confirmed epidemic for my country. African swine fever currently has no effective vaccine◆□. The epidemic has a huge threat to our province and even the national pig breeding industry and must be completely eradicated. “Our province is a pig breeding and calling out of the province. In recent years●■, large pig breeding, slaughter enterprises have be. textile manufacturerimporter – recycled nylon fabric upholstery supplies distributor,