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seaquel:China News Agency, Hong Kong★•■◇, May 27 (Reporter Shi Bing) Hong Kong SAR Government Rating and Evaluation Department released private residential price and rent index in April on the 27th. According to data, the private house price index has been continuously raised for 4 months this year, and the figures in April are 390.8, and it is 21 months old◁▪△. Chen Hai Chao, director of Lijia Ge Real Estate Research, said that data mainly reflects the market conditions in late March and early April△□◁, and the epidemic will slowly delay, and the situation is repeated locally. At the resiliency measures in April, it is further relaxed, and the stimulating buyers continue to enter the market and support the property price. Chen Hai Chao said that within 4 months this year☆▷, the private residential price index has increased by 2.87%, and it is 21 months old. Although.

Original title: Wang Heping Ren Yichun City, Mayor Zhang Xiaoping resigned from the Mayors position (Figure Resume) Economic Daily – China Economic Network Beijing April 2, Jiangxi Yichun City◁•◇, the fourth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress, China Decided on April 2, 2018: Appointment Wang level is the deputy mayor of Yichun City Peoples Government, Wang Heping Acting for the Mayor of Yichun Municipal Peoples Government. The meeting decided-●: accept Zhang Xiaoping resigned from the position of the Mayor of Yichun Municipal Peoples Government, and reported to the fourth meeting of the 4th Peoples Congress of Yichun City★•◇. According to the China Economic Network Local Party and Government Leading Peoples Library, Wang Heping, Male••, born in July 1964, which was previously served as a long and party secretary of the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce△●▷, recently served as Deputy Secretary of Yichun Municipal Committee. Wang Horizontal Resume Wang Horizontal, Male, Han, -◆.

Original title: From “Learning Slag” to ○☆”Sugar King☆●○◇” BBC to explore China Fondant Cake Teachers Deformation Zhou Yi s Works▲●□☆. (BBC) Shi Pingfang is watching parts in the machining (photographs on April 8). Xinhua News Agency reporter Ding Ting Reference Information Network reported on March 4th, the Chinese media said that China Fondant Cake Master Zhou Yi said that he was a child, it was absolutely “scholastic”, and now the craftsmanship Zhou Yi is called For ▽-▪”sugar king”. From “Shu” to “Sugar King”, How does Zhou Yi completed his gorgeous transformation=▽◇? According to the BBC website▪…, on February 28□●▼, 1983 Zhou Yi was born in Panzhihua City◁■▽▷, Sichuan Province. Parents were ordinary workers◇▲, and the family is not very rich. Parents have given Zhou Yis hopes, I hope he can be good◇◆▪. Learn, find a good job■□•△. But Zhou Yi feels that learning is -□▼.

Original title: Han Fang Member=□: Constitutional Oath System is the National Political Civilization Reflected Han Fang 3rd at the opening ceremony of the 13th National Committee of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference: Li Meng International Online Report (Reporter Li Meng): 13th National Peoples Congress Today (4th) held a press conference in the morning. Zhang Yucai, a spokesman, said that since the Constitutions oath system, the first time will hold a constitutional oath ceremony at the National Peoples Congress▲▽. This will better reflect the dignity of the Constitution, highlight the authority of the Constitution, and promote the spirit of the Constitution. “Zhang Yifeng said, 3 On the morning of the month□=★, on the morning of the morning, the General Assembly will hold the fifth, sixth, seventh plenary meetings, elections and decisions to appoint national institutions. After these meetings○▷△…, the constitutional oath ceremony will be held separately. I just revised recentl.

Original title: 1▪◁◁.4 billion US dollars + replace all directors, ZTE Todays reply! How many decrease will be? On April 16, a paper sanction order in the US Department of Commerce made Zhongxing Communications in a serious crisis, ZTE communications in A shares and H shares immediately announced a suspension. Although there is a national concern and support=★, ZTEs more than 80,000 employees and 310•▪,000 shares have spent two months in these two months. Today, ZTE returns to normal business, and the stockholders also ushered in the last heavy news. On the evening of June 12, ZTE issued an announcement that the company A shares will be opened on June 13, 2018. The announcement also confirmed that according to the agreement△○▼, ZTE will pay a total of 1.4 billion US dollars (approximately RMB 8.9 billion) civil fines●■▪•, and signed in the BIS comma◁◇? ecological fabricswimwear – post-consumer plastic.

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