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recycled ocean plastic waste:Original title: Exclusive interpretation□★▽! The State Council opened a new round of institutional reform, the ■…◇”slimming” source of the Development and Reform Committee◇★▼: China News Weekly is more in line with the actual situation, scientific and reasonable, and more efficient State Countries will open a new round of institutional reform, and the State Council reform Program □=○”(hereinafter referred to as=■•” Program “) will be considered in the 13th National Peoples Congress on March 13. According to this plan, after the reform, the Ministry of State-level agencies decreased by 8▽◇, and the deputy mechanism decreased by 7. Public opinion believes that through reform, the establishment of the State Council is more in line with practical-▲, scientific and reasonable, more efficient. The constituent department is restructured in accordance with the “Program-▼”, and the Natural Resources Department, the Ecological Environment Department, and the agricultur.

The first time I went to the space station how to install like only •-=▪”Old Bird◁▪●” Editors note on April 29, the days and core cabins were sent to the scheduled track▽△, marking the China Space Station in the rail assembly construction. As the largest spacecraft in human history, the space station is a manned spacecraft that is running for a long time in the nearland track that meets the spacecraft of the space◁…, work and ground astronauts. As a member of “Eat”, you must know what kind of experience is a working life in the space station. Without the opportunity to come to the space station, I-◆, may as the Space Station Working Life Guide Series report to experience a different life in the space station-★■. Space Station Working Life Guide 1.

Original title△=: British Russia…◆■, Russian reporter questioning China how to see? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will answer [Global Times – Global Network Report Reporter Li Sikun] Reuters said that the British Prime Minister Tresa Mei announced that the UK will expel 23 Russian foreign officials, as a former Russian agent Skrpar father Counterattack measures in the UK were poisoned by neurotoxic agents. At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held on March 15, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the relevant parties hoped that the parties would be able to properly resolve their differences-△. At the routine conference held in the afternoon, there is a reporter from Russia asked, whether China believes that the relationship between Russian relationship will affect the cooperation between the two countries on some hot issues in the UN Security Council□▼…•? In this regard★▪, the spokesman Lu Song said that it is noted that the relevant statement of the two countries on this issu…=▲….

Reuters reporter: The first question, Chinas electric car has developed rapidly, but recently encountered some resistance about car manufacturers and consumers, because consumers are difficult to accept this driving mode, so I want to know the Ministry of Science and Technology Will it take corresponding measures to help consumers and all walks of life receive electric vehicles? The second question, US entrepreneur Mask made public to the US President Trump yesterday△●◁, I hope that the US president can focus on the issue of trade imbalance between China and the United States due to electric vehicles and related fields, I would like to ask about this issue How to see? Thank you. Wan Steel▷▲■△: I have been aware of Mask. I remember that in the beginning of 2008, his company just gulmed, I used to drive the first electric car developed at the tim.

Original title: Fujian Provincial Committee, the Committee of the Commission●=, the Office of the Office of the Cadre, Springs•■■, Ningde Secretary, etc., March 23, the CPC Fujian Provincial Party Committee held the Committee and the Director of the General Council. The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee presided over the meeting and speaking on the meeting△○. The Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee and the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the candidate committee participated in the meeting. The meeting voted in the meeting, the Secretary of Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee●☆★, Ningde Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Provincial Government Secretary-General, Provincial Department of Education, Provincial Department of Education, Provincial Department of Justice, Provincial Environmental Protection Department…□•◆, Provincial Forestry Department, Province The main person in charge of the Ministry of Commerce, etc■◁•. From the implementation of important cadres from the provincial party committee, it has recommended that the Committee of the Committee has issued a special selection and recommendation candidate for the preparation of the leading cadres in the provincial party committee. It is pointed out in Weiguo, the Committee tick●▼? polyestertailor made fabric textile business medical textiles,