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upcycled fabric:Original title: Minister of Environmental Protection Li Ganjie: Last year□▼•, the masses reported 1◆•★.70•○▷,000 environmental cases•▲-. After the afternoon of March 17, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a press conference at the center of Madia, and Li Ganjie, Minister of Environmental Protection, Li Ganjie, “Hello” The relevant issues of pollution prevention and control is answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. Li Ganjie said that after the implementation of the New Environmental Protection Law◆☆, the public participation in environmental protection is continuously improved. In 2017•△…-, there were 170,000 reports received by the Ministry of Environmental Protection by telephone, WeChat, and the network, which was over 2016. It is 3◁◆.5 times in 2014★…★. There are only tens of thousands in the past▲-◆, 30,000 pieces, 38,000. One is a substantial increase in the enthusiasm of the masses, and the other is indeed a channel. Basically■•, these reports we have received have a counted, they must be responsible f!

Original title•★-: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 “Government Work Report▽-” revised 86 “Promoting Family Doctor Signing Service○▽” to write into the Beijing News News (Reporter Wang Wei) “Government Work Report◁•○” revised and enriched 86◇▷◁. On March 13th△◁○, the State Council made this news to the statement of the “Government Work Report•○” to the President of the 13th National Peoples Congress. The statement◆…○●: According to the representatives of the 13th National Peoples Congress, the representative of the 13th National Peoples Congress and the discussions and suggestions of the 13th meeting of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the State Council made a serious revision of the ◁▲=”Government Work Report=▲” and revised 86 things. ” Can adopt as much as possible◆☆△•; about increasing the opinions and suggestions of related content==○, basically adopted. Description display, □…■▲.

China News Agency, May 26 (Li Jingze) For the US House Recently▲…, the US Global Leadership and Participation Act◆▷▲, called on the United States and allies to coordinate the competition of China, and the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lie 26th in routine The press contest said that China resolutely opposed this and will firmly defend their own interests•◁▪. ▽●▪”The United States will consider the fact that the development road and internal and external policies of the United States are involved in Chinas sovereign and territorial complete issues, which damage the Chinese interests. China is resolutely opposed, will firmly defend their own interests.” Zhao Lijian pointed out. Xue Wei took him that the Taiwan issue is the political foundation of Sino-US relations, which is an insurmountable red lin.

Original title: The Chairman of the Eight-Democratic Party Central Committee, ushered in the first time attendance◆▲▷, at 3 this afternoon▽☆, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the Democratic Party Central Committee and the National Industry and Commerce Leadership reporter will be held in the Golden Hall of the Great Hall of the People. The guests of this reporter will be relatively heavy●▲, including the eighth Democratic Party new Central Chair and the Chairman of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce. I know that XJB-Jingshier is noted that this is the first collective appearance of the eight Democratic Partys new central chairman•◇□. From November 27th to December 24th★□□, less than a month, the eight-year-old Democratic Party centralized completion, and the new leaders were selected▪▼. Among them, the Central Committee of the Peoples Court▽▲, the President of the Confucian Central Committee◁▼-, and the new chairman of the other five partisen Central Committee. In the chairman of the continuum=□△•, Wan Steel, the Central Committee of the Communist Par○▪…? ocean wastebetter cotton – seaqual initiative marine pollution buying agent!