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ethical fabric:Original title: Shenyang upgraded property market regulation policy: limited purchase restrictions to the city economic daily – China Economic Network August 6th, China Raise today, Shenyang City issued a notice on further doing a good job in the regulation of real estate markets, notifying the requirements to expand the commodity housing purchase area for the city Administrative region•◆, increase housing land and commodity housing supply, strengthen land supply post-regulation, implement commodity housing price guidance, and continue to increase the order of rectification of real estate market□●■▪. According to the notice, in order to keep the real estate market in the real estate market, it is unstoppable, and the intensity is not shaken, and the intensity is not relaxed☆○. ) And “The Office of the Peoples Government of Liaoning Province Forward Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Office on Promoting Real Estate Ci.

Original title: Foshan City: Establishing the Executive Review Trial Quality Lifelong Responsibility System One Dynamism Life is responsible for recently▲…◇▪, the Guangdong Foshan Commission for Discipline Inspection has announced the “Interim Measures for the Quality of Quality of the Quality of the Foshan Commission Supervision▲●” ( “Measures”). In the future▽☆▪, if there is an obsession and trial quality issue☆-=, whether or not the relevant responsible person has left the original unit, whether it has been retired, it is necessary to investigate its quality responsibility according to law. The “Measures” are 5 chapters▷•, which is clear, and the discipline review of the auditors in the implementation of the supervision and discipline accountability and supervision of the investigation office, violating Party regulations and laws and regulations••▽★, or serious work is seriously irresponsible. The behavior of adverse effects or serious consequences will be identified as the quality of obeying the auditor. Specifically☆•◁, the quality of the discipli.

Zhongxin Net Fuzhou May 28 (Lin Ling Palace “reporter learned from Wufeng Police Station from Fuzhou Public Security Bureau on the 28th, at noon 27▪△, the police said that a police in Fufei South Road, Fuzhou Some people have a high-altitude parabolic, which also caused property losses★○◇, and the police immediately rushed to the scene. At the scene, the police saw a wolf borrowed■▲△▽, quilt, straw, and other household items in front of the small building of the community◆▼▲, and a large bag of sundries straight into the roof of a red car, will The roof is smashed. Who will throw these things◆◁•□? After visiting investigation◁▷☆, the police quickly found the “culprit▷=◆◆”. It turns out that a household in the seventh floor of the 7th floor is due to clean health need●◁■.

Chen Jun Nanjing University Data Titland Title…★…: Through the consistency of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, the Ministry of Education waives Chen Juns Nanjing University Deputy Secondary Secretary for Deputy Secondary School Party Registration Notice of Chen Jun Comrade Waiting for Comrade Chen Jun [2018] No◆•▪…. 31 The Communist Party of China: Consistent with the Consultation Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee◆▽, January 23, 2018, decided●△: to avoid the deputy secretary of the CPC Nanjing University Committee=▷◆, the Standing Committee of Comrade Chen Jun. The Party Group of the Ministry of Education of the Communist Party of China January 26◇●□▷, 2018 Source: Ministry of Education Website Responsibility Editor•☆○▷: Zhang Yili.seaqual fabric.