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chinese wholesale fabric suppliers – chinfabric manucturers,fabric wholesale:Original title: China Southern Hunting Third-party platform value machine service, said unauthorized license has a risk source: Chinas voice According to Chinas voice news●□◁◆, recently (April 22), a civil aviation travel service software ” Available★▷, the publication of the announcement, the navigation mobile phone value function has been launched. At the same time, in the ○•”online selection-◇◁◇” service of travel travel software such as Ctrip and Flying Pig, there is no ▼■”China Southern Airline△▷◁▽” option▼★▼▽. Prior to this, China Southern Airlines issued a notice that some websites that have been issued have not obtained the Southern Airlines license☆•○◇, and mobile applications are stopped to apply for Southern Airlines passengers, and the value machine business◇▽◆, and said that passengers are handled in a non-authorized network platform-▽-. China Southern Airlines◆▷, value machine business☆■▽, security and service risk. Why can third-party platforms provide a value-for-aircraft service? Unpredictab.

Chinas new network client May 27th, according to China Table Tennis Association News▽▼•, 2021 “Direct WTT Grand Slam · World Table Tennis” and Olympic Simulation Nanyang Station 26th entered the first game day, mixed double project ended three rounds The ratio of the group match. Different from Xinxiang Station□☆•, this station mixed doubles from 12 to the combination, divided into two groups first in group cycles, each team took the first 4 outline, and then the knockout. Xu Wei / Liu Shiwen, which has been qualified to the Tokyo Olympic Games, is the most focused group☆★, but in the first game•▽★, they have encountered a strong challenge of Zhou Kai / He Zhuojia◆◁★▲. The two parties in the first two games were taken 1 to 1 flat, “雯” gr.

China News Agency□△●□, May 28th (Reporter Guo Jun) Guangdong Province ◇▽○□”Some measures on supporting Taiwan compatriots in the development of Guangdong and agricultural forestry○☆•” (referred to as ▪▼”34 Yue Taiwan Agricultural Forestry○-★▲”), on May 28th Officially released★□▷. The reporter learned from the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Guangdong Provincial Peoples Government (hereinafter referred to as “Provincial Government Taiwan Affairs Office)) A number of measures to develop in the field of agricultural forestry ▽■”(referred to as” 22 measures of Agriculture◆■=, Forestry •=.

Original title: [Island Read] China no longer allows this black industry chain to exist…•, but the United States has four four have to say that the United States said that the three-way four of China said▽•●, it cant change it. During this time, China-US trade friction did not say. On March 23, an official of the United States came out again for China. A official of the United States came out again…☆▽. He said that China restricts imports of re-use products to seriously interfere with supply chains of global waste materials, and disapproval and treatment of waste materials▽◇=◇. The reason is also very amazing: too fast change rules, so that the relevant industries cannot be adjusted in time, =■”China seems to be violated the WTO obligations .○-..” OH, my god. What is this logic? In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Huat Chunying also made a positive response, called the ▽▼ medical textiles polyester!

Xinhua News Agency, May 26 (Reporter Pandin, Zou Mo) 2021 China International Data Industry Expo (“Digital Bo▽□”) opened in Guiyang on the 26th○☆▪. The number of this sessile is based on “Nuomi” and the new ◆…”as the theme, and the fusion mode of the online line is focused on the fusion and innovation of data factors in the era of epidemic. The reporter learned from the Organizing Committee of the General Assembly that the number of exchanges is three days. The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Internet Information Office□▲○, Guizhou Provincial Peoples Government, will hold ◇★”Industrial Internet Drive Industry Digital Transformation” “Scene Big Data” □=▪☆”Kechuang China: 5G Drive Digital Teaching Transformation” “Global Digital Servi. textile company