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togetherforacleanocean:Original title: Peoples Court News: Let the masses feel that the court is brave and correct△▷▲▽, do not say to have a false mistake, we now correct what harm and impact will bring us=…▪, but to see us already give people What kind of injury and impact have brought us what kind of harm and impact on our entire law enforcement credibility. We do corrective work, it is the work of the dead sheep. – Xi Jinping•▷, Ping Nie Shubin case•★•, Hagge Gille Pattern, Cabin case, Zhangs uncle ..■▽. Since 2013 to 2017, the Peoples Court has corrected dozens of major criminal fake cases. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China▲☆○▲, Comrade Xi Jinping has given special attention to the correction of the wrong false mistakes△▽▲■. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “Dont say that there is a false mistake, we now corre!

Original title■▼: This years property market policy tone: differentiation regulation, rent sale and will be taken into the real estate estate estate estimated in Fuzhou. (Data Picture) Chinas reporter Zhang Bin photo has been determined. This years government work report is clear▼▷◆, adhere to the “house is used to live•▽▼,◁–□” is not used to speculate “positioning, implement the local subject responsibility, continue to implement differential regulation-•…, establish and improve the long-term mechanism▷•, and promote the smooth and healthy development of the real estate market◆◁◇☆. Support residents self-purchasing house demand, cultivate rental rental markets, and develop a total of property housing. Accelerate the establishment of multi-body supply, multi-channel security▽◁○•, rent-buying housing system, so that the broad masses of the people will live in an early day. □○▷…”The house does not speculate”, there is also a government work report, which also means this years real estate adjustmen.

Original title◆•◆: “The most demolished female mayor○▲•” behind the back horse Source: Legal Evening News Legal Evening News · View News (Reporter Yue Sanmine) ◁▪•□”I have a monks sword fabric drawstring bag-•• exterior upholstery xtiles – upcycling plastic bottles, recycled sailcloth by the yard! You will say-■△◆, I am not afraid denim cloth price sea pollution!” January 4◁•=•, 2011, Jilin Han Yingxin, deputy mayor of Shulan City, shouted out these sentences against the masses of demolition. In December 2013, this official, called ●•▲•”The Most Demolition Demolition,” has been double-opened■□◇●, and it is accused of using the convenience and authority of positions, and has taken advantage of others▷◇●, and accepts the amount of bribery by others★▼▪▷. More than 4 years from the incident, but Han Yings new end has not been disclosed◆▪□. View Journalists noticed that in April this year, a judgment of the local court disclosed some cases: Han Welcomes the use of peoples livelihood projects-●•▼, receivable 6.46 million yuan-▽◆◁. Public information shows th.

On May 27th◇…, Baolong Commercial (HK◁☆■.9909) was successively issued with Baolong Real Estate (HK☆▲….1238). Shanghai Jiayu, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baolong Commercial=•, and signed an increase in capital with Shanghai Yuehang Technology. Invest in RMB 50 million, total billion☆=, used to add code layout wisdom business○▷. Shanghai Yuehang Technology★■, which is a Bao Long Commercial Sub-Company and Tencent to join hands, is a digital service provider who focuses on the business asset operations industry, is also a key supplier including a plurality of large commercial real estate groups in Baolong. In the course of the Qilong and Tencents cooperation, the bridge, R & D and coordination work, and continuously promotes R & D upgrade. This ti?

Original title☆-: purchase restriction, shake, please just need! A new round of property market regulates “killer▽◆★-” strikes■◁…◇, pay attention to buying a house does not buy a house. Recently, the new real estate market regulation policy has been released, further strengthening commercial housing sales management, supports the need for family self-employment to buy houses, providing convenient services for leasing parties, strictly restricting speculative purchase. Nanjing improved the first housing provident fund loan quota two sides up to 1 million yuan Nanjing Housing Provident Fund Management Center said, on April 1st, the highest loan of Nanjing housing provident fund loans was 300▼…★,000 yuan per person, and the husband and wife 600,000 yuan Households◇□▲, adjusted to purchase the first home, the highest loan of 500,000 yuan, each person, the husband and wife•▷☆◇, 1 million yuan, and the second set of housing is still implemented in accordance with the original regulations. Nanjing housi.