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econyl fabric:Original title: If there is no Chinese, will this help people will die▷▽? US media intensive speculation in Chinas military force▷◇▷=. “China is testing the worlds most powerful navaliomagnen, 2025 can be deployed.” China is about to have the first electromagnetic ejection aircraft carrier, whether it will hide the United States? ▷=-“◇▽…▪” Chinas nuclear warhead increases, and people may give up. Do not first use nuclear weapons principles. “On the 21st, the US media throws•=” three links “against Chinas military development, and set off a new wave of hypervisor-▲” China Threat “○◇◆. The Vice President of the US Chief Joint Conference, Vice-President Serva also issued an echo warning◁☆○, saying that if the United States sits in the United States, China will pay for a military technology advantage•★. Chinas military expert Song Zhongping said on the 22nd to the ring ring (ID: huanqiu-com◆◇◁….

Peoples Network Beijing March 27th (Reporter Sun Bo Yang) Recently▪△◁, the Ministry of Finance issued the “Notice of the Ministry of Finance on the 2018 local government debt management” (under the “Notice”), the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Finance “Notice▪△☆” Related issues have been interpreted▪▪◇. In the event of how to do a good job in strengthening debt risk monitoring and prevention this year■◁, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Finance stated that it is necessary to fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress and put the risk of risk of risk★•△, and focus on enhance risk prevention and control awareness and ability★◇. He said that the “local government debt risk emergency disposal plan” issued by the Office of the State Council has made a clear requirement for establishing local government debt risk warning and preventive mechanisms, and systematic arrangements for debt risk emergency treatment. “Any and no forgotten, governance, do not forget the chaos■◁▲. Local governme•◆▼.

[Struggling 100-year road to the new journey] Construction of the grassroots party organization “15 minutes service circle” May 11 Childrens playground, Chinese medicine medical room and other places◆◇☆, hundreds of party members and people serve every day. It is understood that Haikou Municipal Party Committee has built 472 distinctive▪△▽△, diverse party activities, and constructing △●”15 minutes” in 8 districts (parks), 43 towns (streets) and communities◁▲●, buildings◁▼▽, business districts△…=▽, etc. Service circle, let party members, the masses can find party organizations at home, enjoy the “one-stop” service•…◇…, but also contact between party members and the mass?

We noticed that China Joint Morning Post reporter said that China has advocated the construction of human fate communies, and proposes to provide Chinese programs and Chinese wisdom to solve human problems▷○■★. However●▽●, there are also some comments concerned that Chinas Chinese model is to change the existing international order and rules, please ask spokespersons, do you think this is in line with the facts? What is your evaluation? Thank you. Zhang Yifeng thank you for your question△△▪▪. The 19th National Congress of the Party summarizes the historic achievements of Chinas development. It is proposed that the socialism of Chinese characteristics has entered the new era◆◁. It is proposed to promote the construction of new international relations to promote the construction of human fate community. China has always won the peaceful development path○-•◇, always not pursuing the open strategy of mutual benefit and win-win, adheres to the five principles of peaceful coexisten.

Original title: New position: Government senior employee▷•, salary is 4 times sources◆▽○■: Changan Street is a major change in the employer system of Hubei Jingzhou government agencies. At 11:55 at noon today, the local administrative measures were issued in the local public employee, which showed that in order to deepen the reform of government authorities▪•…, adapt to the special needs of the new era of government work on professional talents, establish a high-end employee system of Jingzhou Municipal Government. ☆●▲▽”Government Senior Employees”, what is the high position? It turns out that it is an administrative organ and institutions to meet the specific needs of the improvement management and service level. It is well known to the senior professional talent employed by the specific procedure. Want to be employed by the government? The threshold is really not low. Changan Street, IC (WeChat ID: Capit-■●.