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seaqual item:Original title: 5 Before the Beijing Director of the Branch Office, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection was forwarded the status of the Liaoning Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, informing the disciplinary review and monitoring of Liu Fenghai, the original party group of the Liaoning Provincial Administration, Director Liu Fenghai. Liu Fenghai has been “double” and transferred the judicial organ. According to the supervision committee of the Liaoning Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection●=, Liu Fenghai is suspected of accepting bribes and abuse of power. After investigation, Liu Fenghai seriously violated the partys political discipline, against the organization review■●◆; violating the spirit of the central provisions, violating the private corporate banquet-▽▼◇, super standard rental week turn, violation of gifts▷…□, illegal gifts==■▼; violation of organizational discipline, not Rarely report personal matters…□▪○; violation of integrity discipline, violation of profit activities○▲•; violation of work discipline, violation of the rules and housing■•□, violation of land; violating life discipline▪-•. Utilize your positi●●.

Original title Minister of Education: 11.2 billion yuan to subsidize the countrys two sessions of the country△•, deputy minister of the Ministry of Education☆◁▪▷, Du Zhanyuan◇-, discussions in the Education Educational Participation In terms of construction, it has achieved significant results, implemented rural teachers life subsidies, only one, the central government subsidy is 11.2 billion, covering 725 counties◆☆◁★, benefiting more than 1.3 million rural teachers▷□…★. In addition, in the special post plan, 280▼▪○,000 special post teachers were recruited. According to reports, since the 18th National Congress, in the construction of teachers, the construction, the construction of teachers◆▽☆, the teachers style, teachers ability, quality training, the country increases, the national training program (National Training Program) Central Arrangement of Primary and Secondary School Teachers 10 billion, cultivated primary and secondary schools▼□•◇, kindergarten teachers ?

Original title: The cultural relics Crime A level wanted to flee the people from the French, Huan Wanli in Henan, Liu Ziyang, on July 24, the Ministry of Public Security A-level wanted▽◇△, wanted to escape the cultural relics criminal suspect Han Wanli was arrested in Zhengzhou●■□▽, Henan●=. Since June 11, the Ministry of Public Security officially issued the third batch of A-level Wanted Orders to open 10 suspected major cultural relics, there have been 9 people=▲. It is understood that Han Wanli is suspected of being involved in the investigation of the public security organs of Qinghai Province. On March 28…☆-, 2018▷◆, the Dulland County Public Security Bureau of Qinghai Province made a criminal detainement in Han Wanli and hosted◆△■. The public security organs such as Qinghai have carried out a large number of investigators□■, analytical and research, etc▲▪. in Han Wanli▪★▲◆, and finally found the activities of Han Wanli in Henan. In the early morning of July 24, Qinghai, Henan t.

Original title: Strict post: Why is Russians to fall slightly to Huayao? President of the Political Foundation of St●▽. Petersburg: This may be related to Russians•▲. The Russian Social Public Officer Foundation announced the latest civil programs in the last two weeks☆●-, and 62% of Russians showed China as a friendly country. Although this is already a very high proportion▽…○, this number has reached 77% in 2015. This means that Chinas Russians who have seen China as a friendly country have been reduced=•▼. Currently…★-▽, the Sino-Russian relationship is in the best period of history. This some unexpected survey results have caused Russian media. “Why does Russians have a decline in China?” Russian “Viewpoint▪-” put forward this issue on the 7th, and quoted the St. Petersburg Political Foundation President Mih••.