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post consumer recycled plastic:Original title: Associate Dean of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: This year, the first Mars probe mission will be successfully transferred to the normal stage meeting site China Government Network Map March 26, the Chinese Academy of Sciences held the Moon and Deep Detective 2018 Work of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing□▼■. The members of the tourism leadership team, the deputy director of the engineering, and the deputy dean of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Director Liu Jizhong, director of the National Defense Science and Technology Bureau, Director Liu Jizhong■▲…=, deputy director, etc. The major scientific and technological mission bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences◆△, the Moon and Deep Detective Department and the relevant person in charge of the hospital, various types of task ground application systems, payload system, VLBI team division system deputy director, more than 100 people Participated in the meeting. The meeting was hosted by the Deputy Director of the Major Mission (presided over). At the meeting, Yu Yingj■◁•.

Original title: Solidly launch a comprehensive and comprehensive military committee chairmans responsibility system for the responsibility system to fully implement the special inspections of the Chairman of the Military Commission, emphasized the implementation of the Central Military Commissions decision-making and deployment to carry out a comprehensive comprehensive in-depth implementation of the military committee chairman responsibility system special inspection Miaohua attended Zhang Shengmin presided over the approval of the Central Military Commission△★☆, the military committee sent six inspections•▼●◁, from the end of March to the end of June, and the party committee of all major units and the military committees of the military committee and its members were fully implemented for special inspections. Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice President of the Central Military Commission Zhang Youxia will attend the mobilization deployment and speak. Miaohua…☆▪▷, member of the Central Military Commission, director of the Political Work Department of the Military Commission, attended the meeting, member of the Central Military Commission, Zhang Shengmin, Secretary of the Central Military Commissions Discipline Inspection Committ.

Xinhua News Agency: I would like to ask Ning Gao Ning Member, we know that the government work report ▷■”The Quality Revolution for China▷☆” is impressive. You must have a deep feeling in the entity economy▽-=☆. How do you understand the quality revolution? What suggestions do you have for entity economic transformation◇●? Ning Gao Ning: From Chinas business circles to see the Prime Ministers work report, the report tells the quality revolution◆☆▷•, especially the words •◆◇”revolution”, feel very necessary, very timely, pointed out the core of Chinas current manufacturing problem=●▪. Chinas manufacturing industry has made great achievements in the world as a world factory to the manufacturing big country. However, there is constant “toilet cover▲••”, and consumers are still not satisfied, it is still not enough in quality and technical level. From my own experien▽▪■?

Original title: Do you have a high salary of “civil servants•◇▼” in multi-province and city? Is the opportunity fair? Is the civil servant pay high? Is the opportunity fair? On July 16, the website of Xian Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued an announcement, with the “annual agreement salary, 200,000 and 250,000”, respectively●□=★, for the Xian Municipal Government Finance Office, Xian Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Xian Audit Surface recruited six civil servants from the country. The news came out, and public opinion has been widely concerned. In addition to Xian, there are currently more than 20 provinces and cities in Jilin, Guangdong, Sichuan, Henan=▪, and Shanxi Province have tried the “civil servant appointment system■…◁◆”◇◇. Which talents are involved in “civil servants-▲◆□”? Is it reasonable? How to openly transparently eliminate “radish recruitment” to ensure fair=◁…? Hiring a civil servant threshold? report•=▼.

China New Net Taiyuan May 26 (Reporter Yang Jieying) On May 26th, the Shanxi Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference to publish the main data of the seventh national census in Shanxi Province. The resident population in Shanxi Province is 349,15616 people▪■◁▪, which is 2.23% lower than the sixth national census data, the same as the same below), and 0.23% annually. From the view▽▽=, there are 127▽▲□■,46,142 households in the province, and the household population is 3□•=…,213,8952 people; 63,8609 sets of collective households, the collective household population is 2■◁■,776,64. The average population of each household is 2.52 people▲☆, which is reduced by 3.24 people in 201.