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china seaqual:Original title□-◁▼: Subcommittee suggests◆☆★: Improve employee wages▪…▷□, improve the mental pension…◆★▽! The nationwide two sessions are about to open, and the first-line employee representatives have arrived in Beijing■=…◆. In an interview, they said to the “Workers Daily” reporter=…•, we are from the front line, the attention point is also in front, we are a first-line endorsement◆△. What are the representatives from the grassroots first line▷▲? Which focused points and your expectations■▲? Lets take a look with the workers king (ID: grrbwx). 1. Improve employee salary income ★●”The employee looks forward to adding income.○◁★=” Ding Hongbo, deputy director of the Materials Department of Anhui Province…▷•…, China Chemical Co., Ltd. Business people will become a big problem. ” Pay attention to the workers treatment and Wang Ansh.

Original title: (Social) Inner Mongolia Daxinganling original forest area lightning strikes spread nearly 4…□,000 people to save Xinhua News Agency◇=, Hohhot, June 3 (Reporter Zou Lubi) According to Inner Mongolia Daxinganling Forest Fire Prevention Command▷◇▷, the original forest area in the north of Inner Mongolia Daxinganling Two forest fires in the National Nature Reserve of Khan Ma still continue. As of the early morning of the 3rd, the Khan Huamu has been put more than 11 kilometers, and the Aba River firefield has more than 5 kilometers. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Fire Prevention Command has been adjusted nearly 4◇■,000 firefighters and large equipment rushed to two firefields to save. According to the frontline firefighters, the high-temperature arid weather in Daxinganling Lin District has brought certain difficulties to the fire, and the firewall in the daytime is close to 2 meters, at the 4-5 southwest win.

Original title: Watching the child of Thai shipwreck accidents appearing to the original-☆=★, danger is from our side…□: Qianjiang Evening News is dangerous, walk away refibra…★□▪! This summer□▷, many children in Hangzhou listened to a lesson of summer security, and firmly remembered these four words. Just in the summer security class hosted by Qianjiang Evening News and Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau in Hangzhou•◁▷◆, the children and parents of all ministers and parents in the province couldnt sit○★. In these days, in Qianjiang Evening News Hotline-•, Qianjiang Evening News Weicher and Zhejiang 24-hour APP background, we received a lot of friends from the city readers and users, expressed the same will: Can you take the event to us? This can be there. Yesterday and August 2nd●☆, this newspaper went to the local public security and education department to advance the activities to Taizhou Linhai and Zhangzhou Jiangshan. Yesterday=◇○, I cam.

Original title☆◆: Peoples Congress representative Gong Shuguang: Relule poverty alone is not enough▽▲△☆, need to formulate a Chinese medicine National Peoples Congress, Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, Chairman, Zhongnan Publishing Media Group Co.◁-, Ltd★▪◆-. Chairman Gong Shuguang As an entrepreneur◇•…, Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group Party Committee Secretary, Chairman■▽-, the Chairman of Zhongnan Publishing Media Group Gong Shuguangs life experience and mental background are quite different from others. In the first four decades of life, Gong Shiguang is more known to the world with the identity of vocational literary critics. In the subsequent years▽△△, he became one of the outstanding representatives of Chinas new generation of cultural enterprises in the waves of the cultural system reform…★. In March 2018, the national “two sessions” kicked off, Gong Shuguang sixth tim.

To develop the birds nest industry-related standards to increase the supervision of the birds nest market chaos, consumers are easy to be misleading experts to call for chaos△▷, and need to be strongly standardized to give consumers a healthy and orderly consumption environment□▲●. Experts suggest that the industry▽▲-◁, national standards of birds nest products should be established as soon as possible, and relevant departments should strengthen supervision on the birds nest product market▷◁. □ Our reporter Xu Wei □ This newspaper reporter Liu Xin was known as fresh-shaped birds nest leading brands – “Xiaoxian Stew” has recently stressed! Due to “Business Promotion of Commodity”, “in advertising, in advertising▼-▲…, misunderstanding or false content, misleading consumers”▷△○○, Beijing Xiaoxian Stewed E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (wi upholstery supplier!rpet fabric manufacturer – textile ctory sustainable fabric supplier!