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sustainable polyester:Original title: The Minister of British Foreign Affairs first visit China hopes to revitalize the Chinese and English ▽◇=△”Golden Age=…○□” [Global Times, the British Special Reporter Sun Wei Ring Ball Times reporter Hu Xin Yuxiang] “China and British countries have different systems, but we also have a lot of common The British side believes that Chinas rise and Chinas economic and power will also be the active power of the world. “On the 30th•○, visit China and attended the ninth Chinese and English strategy dialogue Jerem Hunter met in Beijing Reporter is said. At the beginning of this month, Hurat Johnson, who resigned from the “Soft Shi=△•” program○=▪◇, became the new minister of the United Kingdom. The British media emphasized that China is the first important exemption country in Hunter as the Minister of Foreign Affairs▼▷. At the moment, the British government is busy because of the European issue, the “special relationship” in Yingm▼▼!

# 2018 Supreme Legal Work Report # [Strengthening the Work of the Trunage Rights] It is issued to maintain the legal rights of national defense interests and military military martial arts, and promote the =▲”Eutu•=□”, military courts and local courts, and undermine military facilities, destroy military marriage▷▲◇. 6491 pieces○▪, properly heard cases related to the PLA and the Armed Police Force to fully stop the paid services and other cases, service defense and military construction, and promote military and civilian unity. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang Y.

Original title: The fastest in history textile wholesar – fabric supplier. chinese fabric supplier! This company IPO “lightning” will pass, a 300 billion super giant is no repreve fiber upcycled fabric! The Securities Regulatory Commission issued a newspaper on the 8th that Foxconn Industrial Internet Co=▪•△., Ltd. was approved. According to Fujikang☆◆-, the company is a communication network equipment, cloud service equipment, precision tools and industrial robots professional design and manufacturing service providers, mainly engaged in design, research…=○, development◁=, manufacturing and sales of various electronic equipment products▼◆◆=, depend on industrial Internet is the world. Well-known customers provide intelligent manufacturing and technology services solutions. From the submission of the prospectus to the end□◇=, 36 days of IPO audit is “the fastest history”…•▪, super giant Macon Foxconn is about to land A shares□–. The fastest IPO Foxconn Share IPO “Lightning◁△•◆” schedu.

The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference was held on March 2, 16:30 on March 2▲☆…-, at the Press Release Office of the Peoples Hall. The General Assembly spokesperson Wang Guoqing introduced the situation of this conference and answered the reporter. Wang Guoqing: After in-depth investigation, members have formed more than 40 investigation reports in the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee▷◇▽, they have given a lot of good suggestions-•. For example, we must oversee the resource allocation to ensure accurate focus of poverty, especially the deep poverty-stricken areas. For example○◇•, we must pay attention to the combination of poverty alleviation and the assistance of the Poverty, stimulate the power of the poor▷=. Another example is to work hard in the drain roots, and build a sustained stability of the poverty reduction. For example, we must pay much attention to various risk hazards…-●•, and actively take the initiative to prevent resolution. al?

Original title: 50% of the citys land income nearly 600 billion yuan increased by 60% year-on-year. With the end of the Spring Festival, the land markets of major cities have been restarted■-☆◁, although the cold and cold in different cities◇△◆-, the overall transaction is still refreshed. Recently, the statistical data of the Zhongyuan Real Estate Research Center shows that since 2018, the national hot cities have continued to translate the land in 2017 and continue to be large. The total land transfer income of the acquisition of 50 largest cities was as high as 5,918,700 million, the same period of 36.852 billion yuan in 2017, the increase of 60.6%△■. Among them, the city with the highest land income in the first two months is Hangzhou▷=•★, and the gold has a total of 59○★.127 billion yuan, up 250% year-on-year; the second is 55▷○▷.581 billion yuan in Beijing△◆◆•, up to 3.