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industrial textiles:Original title▪…○◇: Employment▷●, admissibility is difficult to vocational education ▲-•”difference◁■◁□”•=▽? Recently○▲-, Beijing 29 high-vocational colleges released an independent enrollment plan, some schools added or revoked professional◇◆◁-, and adjusted professional settings, making it closer to Beijing functional positioning and industrial upgrading requirements☆◇◆◁. At the same time, during the two sessions of the country, vocational education has once again become a hot discussion◁□◆. Under the market demand and policy bidirectional drive◆▽, whether vocational education ushered in spring? Can vocational education be a new option for students and parents? What is the new professional in the field school is concerned about this professional future job□…■? What are the requirements for students .▪=○○.. On 11 March-•▲=, Beijings 2018 high-vocational self-enrollment consultation will be held at Beijing Industrial Vocational and Technical College, and 29 high-vocational colleges provide advic◁▷•!

Original title■◆○: What did Jin Zhengn look at the Chinese Academy of Sciences? From March 25th to 28th•□▼▪, he was invited by General Secretary of the Central Committee, and the President Xi Jinping▷◆★, the DPRK, the Party Committee of the North Korea★○★, and Jin Jongen◁▪•, Chairman of the State Council▲△, informal visit to China△▷◆. During the visit, Jin Zheng En visited “the first action to move forward – the 18th National Academy of Innovation○■●•” since the 18th National Academy of Sciences. He expressed admiration for Chinas achievements in technology development and innovation, and the inscriptions were at the end of visit. The innovation exhibition of the Chinese Academy of Sciences exhibited the most significant results and breakthroughs in the Chinese Academy of Sciences in recent years△…=◁. In the photo, the exhibition of Kim Jongan is “Chinas Tianyue Exploration Coast”, this exhibition is a 500-meter-side ball-filled telescope (FAST), is known as China “God”. The exhibition behind Jin Zhen▽☆.

Original title: Non-China cooperation is beneficial to both sides, we often say “words written on the face”•○▷□, meaning when I look at you▼△▽△, you can see me, this is the best communication. Thats why we have to participate in the China-African Cooperation Forum Beijing Summit, facing face◆▼-. In todays world△▷◆▪, countries are close to each other, and Africa works closely with Chinese shoulders. Therefore■▪△◇, China s constructing a more close-in-law community is particularly important. We hope to launch a comprehensive cooperation in various fields to build a closer non-fate community. We have been committed to maintaining multilateralism and strong opposing trade protectionism. Trade protectionism is an extremely short-sighted worldview. Protectionist measures can only be temporarily profitable, and it will bring more harm. Stu.

China New Network May 27, the newsletter of the Ministry of Electronics, Sun Wenjian introduced the 27th. With the extensive development of new crown vaccination, the transportation task of vaccine cargo is increasingly heavy. In order to do a good job in vaccine cargo transportation organization and service guarantee, the Ministry of Transport is guaranteed▷•. ▲◆=▼”As of now, my countrys vaccine cargo transportation can be said to have enough capacity, smooth operation.” According to a press conference, there is a reporter question. At present▽▲△△, my countrys orderly promotion of vaccination work, with some diagnosed cases in the near future◆▼•. What measures and progress have occurred in vaccine? Sun Wenji.

Original title: The Standing Committee of the CPPCC held a meeting of Jilin speech: Beijing CPPCC June 21st to 22nd, the CPPCC held a third meeting of the Third Committee of the 13th Committee, revisiting the “Building Global Influence Science and Technology Innovation Center) Provide new movement for the high quality development of the capital to conduct a special negotiation. The President of the Cities of the Cities of the CPPCC speaks. This meeting was a Burgian Standing Committee▲★. The meeting heard the topic counseling report of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, deputy mayor Yin and Jun. The CPPCC has committed a special team to discuss, Wang Gaofei■=•, He Zhiqiang★=★, Sun Ziqiang, Qi Xiangdong and other 12 members of the General Assembly○-▽, put forward the importance of primitive innovation, strengthen overseas high-end talents◇▷△, and realize “enterprises whistle, service report”, Establish a new research and development agency to improve the intellectual property service syst△★■. lingerie clean our ocean – yarn.

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