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headliner material:Original title-●•: One Jiangsu fishing boat in Zhejiang sea▽=, three people rescued 11 people lost Xinhua News Agency Hangzhou August 4th (Reporter Huang Yu) Zhejiang Xishan County official microblogging release news, August 4th 18 oclock Xu, Xiangshan County, Zhejiang Province, Xiangshan County=□▪, the Ningbo Maritime Department notified, Jiangsu fishing boat 122 degrees 56 points in East•▪★☆, 29 degrees north latitude, 14 people in the sea, 14 people on board, three of them have been rescued. After receiving the report, Xiangshan County Ocean and Fisheries Department immediately notified the Zhejia fishing 29716 near the sea, Zhe Xiangyu 43003 assisted rescue◇▽▲, China Fishery 33201, China Fishery Administration 33205, China Fisheries 33212, China Haijian 7028◇●◁-, Guard Fishing 4th, etc□=., rushed to the current seas, and continued to launch nearby fishing boat=▽!

In response to the phenomenon of ■◁□”Chicken Waist”○◁, Guo Linmao, director of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee●□○■, and Guo Linmao●…▲▽, said on the 26th that some parents were forced to participate in the training institutions to learn●-. He revealed that the vast number of opinions proposed by nearly 20,000 minors in the draft decision of minors will be reduced. The newly revised minor protection law clearly, the responsibilities of the guardian include the guarantee time for minors rest, entertainment and physical exercise◇…; schools should cooperate with their parents or other guardians of minors, and reasonably arrange the learning time of minor students. (Reporter Baiyang, Chen Fei) [Editor: Zhu Yanjin.

[Do not forget the ancestors should be a national spine] Forgetting history means betrayal, denial of the crime means a heavy community. Any behavior that challenges the nations bottom line, takes the nations scar, will be nailed to the historical shame of history◆◇△▲. Some ▽●▷”fine sun” molecular behavior is not only a talent forgetting, but also the “Chinas failure”. One hundred years ago, Liang Qichaos “Youth China said…▼” Incentive generation of young people to fight for ●•”USA▲◇◁, China”◆◆-★; Lu Xuns pen, “Chinas spine■▲◁▷” is reluctant; eight years of war●○=…, the Chinese people have paid a painful price▪-, and finally win Victory ◇=▽▲.◁◇.○▽☆. Youth of my generation as a national spine, remembering history-◁…◆, a nation who did not forget the past=•◇, and finally realized the dream of great rejuvenation▼◇=. Editor in charge▽■: Zhang Jian. sustainable fabric suppliersbuying agent – recycled PET marine pollution seaqual initiative,