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brand owner,brand owner:Original title: No China▷○□▽, the peninsula declaration is invalid◆○▽△ uprecycled fabric circular economy! It can be overthrown at any time. On the day of the Golden Association, the United States and South Korea will jointly announce the end of the Korean war…■★. ▽□”This is the Korean media on Monday explosive detail…=. The news comes from □-◇●”Washington and Singapores senior people▽▷◆▲”, “people▪▲…” said that the final declaration will be the most striking results in the United States Summit▪▷○◁, and even exceed the basic agreement that will reach the non-nucleation◆◁◁. The 1950s•=…, the North Korean war ended on July 27▪▷…, 1953, while only signed a stop agreement, not the Peace Treaty, so strictly, and the Korean is still in war. If the North Korean peninsula ends for 65 years of war, it is of course a good thing. But unfortunately★●…, if there is no Chinese participation, the Ministry of the United States or the United States is signed by Han Dynas automotive interior textile▽☆!

[Review Line] Tianfu Net Review: Party history learning education should use the three “certificate△◁” party history, the fact is better than the eloquent. The major events in the past 100 years, the important figures that have emerged◆☆, the important artifacts, contain the “successful password•▷” of the 100-year journey, is the ☆▼”live teaching materials◇▷…□” of the study party history, the idea of ​​learning, and understand the truth. All localities must use these “illustrations”■☆□■, “human card”▽■○■, ◇•▲”physical evidence○△◁▷”, so that party history is more convincing. Party history learning education should use a “illustration★■◁”. In the hundred years of the Communist Party of China, there have been a lot of major events◆▼◁●, and the “high-gloss moment” of the 100-year-old party history is fixed. Since we started one of our difficulties…▼, we have a hard history of winning a victor.

China New Network May 27 On the afternoon of May 27, the Ministry of Defense held a routine reporter meeting, deputy director of the Ministry of Defense News Bureau, the Department of Defense News spokesperson Tan Kefei said that Chinas outer space ability is pressing in the United States. The drums such as the United States and France and other countries are referred to in China▷▪, and someone in Australia incited the “Rendering of War threats such as▽◇■” Australia▽▪▷◁. The following is the answer to the full text▼=: On the afternoon of May 27▲◇••, the Ministry of Defense held a routine reporter meeting, deputy director of the Ministry of Defense◇◇, and the Department of Defense News spokesperson. He Youwen first, I took the initiative to post two messages. The first message●-•. On the evening of May 21 and 22, Yunnan Dali Prefecture▪△, Qingh.