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sustainable procurement:Original title□▷▷: Acting as a black society◁◆, the deputy director of the Tomb Gang ◁●”Protective Umbrella•●◇=” Public Security Bureau was sentenced to March 26th, Shanxi Yuncheng Institute of Middle School was jointly or compiled by 10 people such as Jingmin or respectively, withdrawal with the nature of the community, stolen ancient culture The ruins, the crime of the ancient tombs, helping criminals evade the penalty case. Among them, Jing Xi County Public Security Bureau, Jing Yimin, was sentenced to life imprisonment. The No▼□◆★. 37 (WeChat ID: ZHONGANZU37) was informed that Shanxi was publicly sentenced to three major blackcomers△◇▪. Yuncheng, Taiyuan City, Luliang City, Mingcheng County Court, respectively, the organizers, participants, “protective umbrella◁▽” and 51 non-black criminal crimes, including 25 black social nature, including Jingmin, Zhang Zhiyong■=, Zhang Zhixiong, etc. Carry out the publication of the first instance. ▲ Stolen cultural relics involv★▽◆☆!

Original title: (International) China Art Troupe, Zhongchao Friendship Tower Xinhua News Agency Chinese Peoples Volunteers Martyrs. The Chinese Art Troupe of the Minister of the Communist Party of China has arrived in Pingyang 13th, and participated in the 31st “April Spring” International Friendship Art Festival in North Korea. In the meantime, there are more than 200 people in the art group to pay homage to the revolutionary martyrs. In the solemn and solemn atmosphere★◁, the Korean army band played in the national anthem in the two countries, and the salute took the flower basket to the tower. Song Tao and the Chinese Ambassador Li Jinjun in North Korea tied to the flower basket ribbon••, and all members of the art team were mourn. Subsequently, senior, cultural and tourism■■★, deputy heads, culture and touri seaquel▼★■◁.

Foreign Ministry Spokesmans Office public number (XWS4_FMPRC) news…☆■◆, at the Foreign Ministry, on April 3, the reporter asked: Japan has recently claimed to concentrate the troops command, which is the first time after the Japanese party Similar measures☆▼◆☆. The day said that this is because North Korea may carry out more ballistic missile tests, and the territory may be attacked•▽=. What is Chinas comment?爽●★●: Everyone has noticed that recently, the situation in the Korean Peninsula has appeared active, and all parties are actively interacting=■…. In terms of concern◁◁●, it has made efforts to this, and it has achieved some results…▪. In this process◇▪▼, the Japanese side seems to be a little cold. Recently, the Japanese side published some North Korea may be preparing for new nuclear tests•★▪▽, which may carry out more missile tests. They pu.

Original title: Huang Ailong, member of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference: The chest transparent project in the medical examination of college entrance examination should be changed to Huang Ailong▲▼★, a Governor of the CPPCC■▽. Special reporter Liu Wei photo Huadong Network Beijing 23rd 36○○▽▷, China Online (Special Reporter Yongjun) At the national two sessions, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference▲•▼★, Huang Ailong, Vice President, Chongqing Medical University◆◇■☆, suggest that the college entrance examination student medical examination The chest transpretation item should be changed to chest, which can reduce the radiation dose and reduce the health damage to students•…•. According to Huang Ailong, there is a conventional chest perspective check in the college entrance examination medical examination. X-ray check is the most common project used to check the cardiopulmonary, mainly refers to chest and chest. What is the difference between the two▽△☆? Huang Ailong said that chest transparent is a doctors continuous observation to patients, and the time is longer. The chest radiograph is on□★▷▼.

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