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chinese fabric manufacturers – interior bc,furniture designers:Zhongxin Net Puer May 26th: Immigration Police Stolen “One Municipality of Three Kingdoms▲◇•▲”: Two “Steel Nails” on the border line •◇▷▪”Author Yan Shi” Yunnan Kang Border Inspection Station Ali Distress police Zhang Zhonghu▲◆, salute econyl yarn! ” Recently☆☆△◁, Zhang Zhonghu is a very straight posture for the “Yunnan Youth March 5th Medal” by the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Youth League, Yunnan Youth Federation●▲. In 2016, Zhang Zhonghu enlisted the army, became a public security border defense warrior△•▽, and in 2018, it became the first generation of immigrant management police. Since the work, he has successively won the third-class work, and the national immigration management system has highlighted the newzers epidemic epidemic performance☆■. ▪-▪”Due to implementation tasks▼▼▽,-○▷■!

[New thinking leads the new journey · Red footprint] ◇△◁…”Take the test”, do not stop the bright day reporter Li Xiao Meng Jian Jian-●△◁, Chen Yuan, the depths of the Taihang Mountain●▷-•, the end of the summer, is already a new green. 72 years ago★●○, in the days of such a pear blossom, the Party Central Committee opened the road to •□”Into the King of Beijing”, starting from Xibo△▲…, along the North of Shandong, I will go to Beijing. On July 11, 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Xibaibo, the revolution. He pointed out▲★: “When the Party Central Committee left Xiba Bara, Comrade Mao Zedong said is into Beijing to take the test. More than 60 years have passed, we have made great progress-▲◇, the Chinese people stand up, rich●•◇, but we face the challenge a▲◇.

Original title: Green products are “too expensive◁●□”□◆▪? Ministry of Agriculture: Reduce pesticide fertilizer, prices can ▷-■”drop” Feng Shui Yisu @ China Voice March 2 news■▲■, Zhang Tonglin, deputy director of the CPPCC……△, and Zhang Tao Lin★◆•, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture-■•, responded to Chinas Voice to respond to the price of green products★▲. He said that from strict sense, the price of green products can be lowered. …□☆”By reducing fertilizer pesticides, reducing cost investment○▪, then the price of products should not be too expensive■☆★. AA-grade green food does not use chemical synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, veterinary drugs, fisheries•■, additives, etc., A-grade green foods can limit the limited chemical synthetic production materials. Source▼▽-▲: China Voice Editor: Zhang Yili automotive upholstery▪▽ sustainable product!