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textile for packaging:According to Xinhua News Agency, •☆”Ocean No.1•★…” (Reporter Chen Hao) is the ●◁”Ocean No☆▼. 1″ section of the 2018 comprehensive sea trial mission in Western Pacific○○•★, and completed the ★□■□”Hailong 11000″ independently developed by China on the 30th. Milometric unmanned submersible first sea trial, diving depth 410 meters. At 16:45…□…★, “Hailong 11000▪-” slowly entered water from the maidger; after the depth of 410 meters, the Kodao team fully tested the monitoring system, power system, propulsion system, etc☆▽=. of the submersible. At 18▼○■☆:25, ★◁…•”Hailong 11000″ returned to the deck□-. During the sea trial▽□◁▪, its underwater function is normal, all parameters are in the normal range. “Hailong 11000” broke through the traditional cable control unmanned submersible mode, and a large number of innovative technologies were adopted. Among them▽…, can process buoyancy materials, multi-core bushi.

Original title: Sichuan 邛崃 Police informed=★: a male body found that a male body was found. He was further investigating 9 oclock on March 27, 2018, and our bureau found a corpse in the next demolition site in Wenjun Street Office West Street. After receiving the police, the police quickly rushed to the scene to carry out work. After preliminary examination of forensics★△▼★, the body is confirmed by male, and the public security organs are carrying out further investigation work★■○. Source: WeChat public account “邛崃 公” “Editor□▪☆: Zhang Yili◇-!

Original title: British media said that Chinas military force is close to the United States: These 8 weapons are the most daunting British “Sun Daily◆•△” website recently reported that the Chinese army becomes more and more powerful in recent years. China has shown new capabilities in invisible fighters, drones, naval ships and advanced missile systems☆▽•△. Although China is still behind the United States in the overall military power, it is clear that it is rapidly narrowing the gap. ▲ The British “Sun Daily” website reported that the screenshot last in April last year, Chinas first domestic aircraft carrier is water, soon…◇○, China has a –△▪”world-class◆●▽★” destroyer. Then□…, China announced its latest invisible fighter 歼 -20 into the operational troops. However, what is most worried about Western countries is that Dongfeng-41 Intercontinental ballistic missile is ready to use. British “Sun News○▽-” said that these 8 kinds of peop▼-.

Original title: The National Health Committee held the first press conference: Site Beijing Hospital focusing the population aging Xinyang News (Reporter Xu Wen) The newly formed national health and health committee held the first news release in Beijing Hospital on March 26 meeting□◆=. The reporter was learned at the meeting that the National Alternative Medical Research Center is under construction○◁▼-, and it will specialize in studying aging and anti-aging and prevention and control of senile diseases after completion. In the new round of the institutional reform, the National Health and Sports Committee, the National Aged Office, the State Council of Medical Reform Office, and the establishment of the national health and health committee. Its main responsibilities include the development of national health policies, coordinate the promotion of the reform of the medical and health system, organize the national basic drug system, supervise and manage public health, medical services, health emergency■☆, responsible for family planning management a. water proof fabric by the yard malabrigo yarnwholesale fabric distributors – sustainab procurement dobby nylon cable knit fabric,