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ocean plastic:Original title: Since the 18th National Congress, the first case of corruption, the first case of the death penalty, the Linyi Intermediate Peoples Court Answer on March 28th, the Chinese Peoples Court of Linyi City★●☆, Shanxi Province, for the former deputy mayor of the Luliang Peoples Government of Shanxi Province, Zhang Zhongsheng The huge amount of property□○○▼, the unclear case, the first instance of the case★▪□◆, the defendant Zhang Zhongsheng sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life, and confiscated all personal property▪■…, with a huge amount of property unknown, sentenced to eight years☆▽◇, decided to implement death penalty, deprive Political rights lifetime, and confiscated all personal property. At the same time◁▷•☆, the court is also judging, and the property of Zhang Zhongsheng accepts bribery, and it will be recovered, and the national treasury, insufficient part, continue to recover. The accused of the same case Li Laijun…▼☆▲, Liu Yeheng was also sentenced to the corresponding penalty due to the crime of money laundering. Trial, ●•◆△?

Original title: This contest is not in China, is not that the Trade War is so simple. These two days, everyone should hear, this US government says that it is going to negotiate with our China, but even talks yet. Talking about the import tariffs for the addition of 25% of our products worth $ 200 billion in products worth $ 200 billion. And my countrys Ministry of Foreign Affairs rebuked this kind of routine that is “blackmail”. However, this is not the first time in the US government. As early as 3 months ago, I came to Beijing for =△”negotiations” US government delegation has also played the same routine●▽. However, two new moves in the United States have made Zigong Zhi Zhi people realized that the US government repeatedly □◆☆”blackmail▷◇=” in trade negotiations▷▪…◁, is not ◆△●”trade” itself is so simple ▼…▲△..▷-. Firs▲★◇.

Source: Modern Express Title: Calling for severe punishment of “Feedback” molecules and tracking: Some members seek joint He Yunyu Zhang Guangbei “Chinese peoples most ranking home, the bottom line of the home is unhappy.” On the afternoon of March 8, The CPPCC member, a professor of the Nanjing University History, He Yunyao took the lead, and the cultural art team (26 groups) 38 National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference has submitted a proposal to ▼▷”develop the special law” to protect the national dignity ◇▽▽…”, including Jackiece■•, Zhang Kai Li, Many famous people such as Zheng Xiaolong▼△•-, Zhang Guangbei◇○, Feng Yuanzheng. After continuous tracking and promoting the “festival-○▽”, the ▷▽▷☆”festival■☆” act is reported to the first time▼•◁, the response is strong★…▷▽. On March 9th, the seven-in-one CPPCC committee received a modern express report, and the ◇•”fine sun” was responsible, throwi◇☆?

Original title□▼☆•: A peasant conflict in Yongshou County, Shaanxi Province death. Afterwards, the Party Secretary of Ganjing Town▼▽, deputy secretary of the town party committee▷◇•△, and the head of the town were dismissed from the place. On April 5▷▲, Yongshou County Government announced in its official website. On April 4th, Bengji Village□-■, Ganjing Town, Yongshou County, had a conflict with people in Zhou Zhou and people in Yongshou County▼–. The doctor died after being rescued. The notification shows that on April 4th, after the 110 command center of Yongshou County Public Security Bureau, he immediately organized police officers and surveyed the survey of the event, and has filed investigation•★▲. Yongshou County Party Committee county government attaches great importance to the rapid settlement of working groups, and do a good job in incident investigatio?

China Xinwang Heihe May 27th (Zhang Ying reporter Wang Lin) On the 27th, the mechanical transplant in the high latitude rice field in Heihe City○■=, China is completed. As a representative area of ​​rice cultivation in the high latitude high-reaching area, this farm has completed the development strategy significance for the development of the “rice expansion of rice in China”…★. Heilongjiang is the largest province in China. The modern agricultural demonstration park in Xiguo Town, Aihui District, Heihe City is the topical planting base of Heilongjiang, and is one of the three black tapes of the world. It has a unique soil resources. In 2015, the national rice irrigation test in China is located in the Heihe City Aihui District built into investmen.