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corporate wear.ocean garbage:Original title=★: Sichuan Yucu District found the earliest town-level physical pottery, or a “hometown△•” ruins of the Han Dynasty. This article comes from Huaxi Metropolis Daily – Cover News Sichuan Province Ancient City and the surroundings in the Chengdu Plain, from the end of Chengdu Plain, from the end of the last century□◁, archaeological discovers. On the morning of March 6, the Chengdu Cultural Relics Archaeological Research Institute announced that a Warring States Qin and Han gathering ruins near the ancient town of Yudu District◆▽★, this is not only unearthed in ancient •…”luxury car” in the area of ​​the 2000 years=△☆▲. The umbrella accessories “cover bow cap▽•” were also discovered, and an archaeological physical material that was first recorded in the Sichuan area. Yang Bo, who refers to the head of the archaeological site of the road village•…-, said that the site is called Chengdu Plain to preserve the best Warring States Qin and Han Dynasties, and to understand Chengd-△.

China Xinwang★○▽, May 27th (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) Release Notice in the new coronary virus pneumonia epidemic control headquarters in Nanhai District◇☆★…, Foshan City, Guangdong Province□□•, said that in view of the sporadic epidemic in the surrounding area, it is further strengthened to further strengthen the prevention and control of normalized epidemic Measures▷▽=•, weaving the woven and lifted the anti-conclusion ★■□★”epidemic prevention network”, Nanhai District is scheduled to launch a large-scale personnel nucleic acid detection on the resident population of Guicheng-■◇☆, Dagui, and Lisui related community at 24:28 on May 27. In order to promote the accuracy of nucleic acid detection, efficient development○●•■, Foshan South China Sea main sampling range mainly includes 5 communities such as La Lake, Tong Cheng▼=, Zhonghui◇◁◁, Tongde, Wenhan▪△▽◆; Dali Town Ping, Lianan, Live Street, Six Village, Hengjian=★▪△.

Original title: The National Cultural Relics Bureau responded to the Xi Zhou bronze ◁◇▽•”Tiger” will be auctioned in the UK◆◁▽=: 28th▽▼, a “Western Zhou Bronter Tiger” will be auctioned in the UK. ” The National Cultural Relics Bureau official Weibo @ 中文 博 博 今 todays response today•▲△. Weibo said that the State Cultural Relics Bureau is understanding the relevant situation of verification▲▽☆☆. Weibo also said that the National Cultural Relics Bureau has always opposed the behavior of trading illegal loss cultural relics★○•◁, hoping that relevant institutions should comply with the spirit of the relevant international conventions, respect the cultural relics of the people of the cultural relics…△●, do not buy or sell illegally lost cultural relics, not named Commercial hype. (Reporter Song Yuyu) Responsible Editor: Guiqia! recycled cotton fabric

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