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sustainable textile companies:Original title: China-US trade friction upgrade, these industries are hit! The biggest loser is. On the 22nd local time, US President Trump signed the presidential memorandum, which will impose tariffs from China imported commodity large-scale tariffs, involving the scale of Chinas commodities reached US $ 60 billion=◆. Then○▷☆, the Ministry of Commerce has a strong counterattack this morning, which has been released for the US imported steel and aluminum products 232 measures and solicited public opinions, and intensive public opinions. In just one night•◇▲△, China and the United States trade friction and upgrade, and the world market has set off an uproar. Why is the trade conflict? What is the latest developments in the event? How do experts evaluate this world-class financial situation●•? How will this impact two economies? Which industries are most hurt=▲○? up to date chinese fabric manufacturers! Ministry of Commerce responde□-.

Original title: Changan Street, knows◁▼●: Central News is really true, and you will have a good time to make a copy of you. On December 30, 2017, Luzhai Town▲■▽, Anqing, Linquan County, China. Shortly after the countrys two sessions of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping conducted a careful deployment of the “last kilometer” that was universal-☆•…. A few days ago, the CPC Central Political Bureau held a meeting◁●, listening to the 2017 provincial party committee and government depreciation information on the effective assessment of the effectiveness of the work, and put forward the requirements of the decentralization. Changan Street, Id○☆△=: Capitalnews, noted that at this heavyweight meeting, the central government will define the poverty refined as “the major tasks that must be completed△▲”▪▪□▲, determined in the next three years, historically solved the Chinese nation for thousands of years Come fr.

Original title: △▲”China is the most important pillar of multilateralism•◇” – Interview with the Secretary-General of the United Nations Gutrez 1: Gutres accepted the exclusive interview with this reporter. This reporter Chen Bin photo 2 “I have a very effective meeting with Chairman of Xi Jinping. The world is facing a lot of complex issues==▼★, we believe that protectionism is not a solution▷▽▽■, we need more international cooperation•◆-▽, multilateralism. =▪◁□”The United Nationss goal of the Sustainable Development agenda and the President Xis idea is highly fit, which is to let everyone enjoy the results of development•▪□.” On April 9th, the Diaoyutai Guoda hotel is full◆■. Before leaving to Hainan to participate in the Boao Forum 2018 year meeting, the President Xi Jinping invited the United Nations Secretary-General Guitres, the United Nations Secretary of China◆◁, accepted the peopl interior textiles innovative textile!sustainable textile manufacturers – personalized fabric.